Monday, 29 August 2011

2011.08.29 My Day

Evening everyone, its been a busy day here again.  Our lodger is staying another night i.e. the grandson, his granddad is keeping him entertained so that I can get on.

I have prepared about 8 pints of sugar syrup for bottling various fruits and I have dealt with pears in syrup, clementines in syrup, apple and blackberries in syrup, have dried some more sage, done some more research, written a couple of new posts to follow shorty, fed Charlie (the cat who I am babysitting - there was no food left so think he or another cat is eating it), fussed Demetri (another stray cat who has gone partly ferrel he used to live next door until his owners moved and he found his way back I am hoping to reunite him with his original owners shorty); he tends to come to me for a fuss and turns his nose up if I offer food - he hasn't much weight on him at all and I am concerned about him being out in bad weather especially if it is as cold as last year - he usually comes to me for a  bit of a fuss and gets very vocal if he doesn't get it).

As I say its been a busy day and it isn't over yet by a long chalk.  It is a tad chilly though, getting a real nip in the air and the nights are drawing in fast.

We have had a nice tea though, what was left of the roast rib of beef with bubble and squeak made from what was left of the fresh veggies yesterday, the rest of the Yorkshire puddings and the last of the gravy.  Very nice it was too.

We basically bunged all the veg together in the food processor and gave it a couple of blasts which resulted in a nice smooth paste.  We then put spoonfuls into a frying pan in which we had fried some pancetta and cooked on both sides, very simple and good eating those that were left over are going into the freezer so that they can be used up with fried breakfasts etc.  Very yummy.

Doesn't look much but it filled the spot nicely, used up what otherwise could have been wasted food and was very tasty. Grandson had Cheese on Toast - he doesn't know what he missed.

I have also as I have said processed the  whole Clementines in syrup and also the last of the blackberries out of the garden with some Apple.  I have two jars of each so am well chuffed.  Mind you they are the larger jars.

Here's the finished bottles

And I have all this peel left over.  Quite a bit of it is going to be dried, and the rest is going to be used in the citrus cleaning vinegar experiment I have been doing which I am well chuffed with.

Well have this load of peel now to process so am going to put the television on and get cracking.

Hope you have all had a lovely day wherever you are - here's thinking of you

Catch you all again soon

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