Saturday, 6 August 2011

Catch up

I had intended to pop up a post last night, after being missing for a couple of days as I had been out on Wednesday evening and had just got dropped off when my friend over the road came flying over saying that she had lost the kitten in the garden and he would not come to her.  Needless to say Tiddles came straight away to me and was just "jerking her chain" as the saying goes, so we quickly got him restored to his mum again.  Also with walking backwards and forwards to work this week it had upset the left hand side of my lower back again and made it very sore and uncomfortable.  Fortunately by Thursday evening the car had been returned to us repaired and so I got a lift home on Thursday night and was able to rest up.  Yesterday however I woke up a bit headachy, thought nothing of it, but as the day went on I started to develop a headache and by lunch yesterday it was turning into a raging headache and quickly turned into a migraine  I had found some pills and took them but they didn't touch the sides, and so by  the time I got home last night the only real thing I could do was to go to bed  and sleep it off.  Its a while since I have had a migraine like this and unusually this time made me feel sick (in fact I thought I was going to be but fortunately it never materialised).  This morning I am heady and fortunately the bulk of the pain has gone so I am going to ease myself into the household chores gradually and just take my time there is no rush only rhyme and reason to the methodical plugging away at a specific job or particular chores.

Its been quiet here so far, no sunshine as yet, a little cloudy and grey but still very muggy, background noises of people going about their business, the occasional car going by and clangs and bangs in the distance, and the occasional crow of a cockerel up the road.  Squeak is waiting patiently by my feet waiting to be fed and also for a fuss, when I am up and about for all intents and purposes on my own she is my constant companion in the quiet of the early hours as I wander round the house.  Sometimes peace and quiet is the balm we all need, peace for our own thoughts and solitude to bring us down to earth.  Instead of them rattling round our minds at 100 mph like a whirling dervish!  Time to just be!

Catch you all later and hope you all have a soothing day




  1. Migraines are the pits!
    Much love and light sent your way.


    Kimmie and Heartpoet

  2. I agree with Kimmie about migrains.
    I also have to have time to 'come round' on my own in the morning - I'm never 'right' until I've had my bowl of porridge and a cuppa! Sid's usually on my lap first thing :o) Just me 'n my cat.....
    Hope the day goes well - I'm just off to the butchers.

  3. I understand Migraine very well, my husband suffered from them for years. Funnily he very rarely gets one now and I often wonder if it was the stress of work that bought them on.
    Have a nice restful weekend

  4. Hi ladies thank you for your kind thoughts. Migraine is a family thing - my Dad had it and I started having it at aged 7, they believed it was something to do with me having epilepsy that triggered them. I am not so sure. Dad eventually got over the worst part of his - he found out it was everytime he had tinned salmon he ended up with a migraine. So he just didn't eat tinned salmon after that. I don't get them often but when I do then the only thing I can do is go to bed and rest up.

    I am a lot better than I was although a little heady still.

    Take care




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