Saturday, 27 August 2011

Check List of Foodie Things to Do

Its that time of year again when all the produce is coming in and you end up trying to get it all processed and saved as fast as you can.  The farmers are bringing in the grain large hay stacks are starting to rise in the fields and there are plenty of wild fruits in the hedgerow.  An abundance of things of which to take advantage of and get the pantry stock-piled a way of getting through until the next time of abundance and making sure you and yours are fed.  I have a lot to do as usual and hope to get the following done eventually some of which will be processed within hours some within days whereas others can wait until a little later.  The most pressing matters being those where I have the fresh fruits like the pears and the blackberries  and the plums and want to use them at their optimum freshness.   They are not in any specific order, just as they came to me.  Perhaps being a tad over ambitious as usual but there we go thats me a typical Taurean  - a bull in a china shop!

  1. Bottle Pears in syrup Done
  2. Bottle blackberries and apples in syrup - Done 2 large jars
  3. Bottle Whole Clementines in syrup.  - Done 2 large jars
  4. Candied Oranges
  5. Pickle Red Cabbage. Done
  6. Pickle, Pickle Onions 5kg Partially done
  7. Make Chilli Jam Done
  8. Make Chilli Dipping sauce
  9. Pickle some peppers Done
  10. Start Cider
  11. Start Lager
  12. Start Bitter
  13. Start Orange Wine
  14. Start Lemon Wine
  15. Start Ginger Beer.
  16. Start Apple Pop.
  17. Spiced Apple Curd
  18. Blackberry curd
  19. More Blackberry and apple jam
  20. Blackberry and apple chutney
  21. Blackberry relish
  22. Make Plum Mincemeat Done
  23. Make other Mincemeats
  24. Make Apple Chutney
  25. Make Ginger and Pear chutney [done]
  26. Make Grapefruit Curd.
  27. Rub the sage already dried  [done]
  28. Dry some more sage [done]
  29. Dry some thyme [done]
  30. Freeze some of the herbs out of the garden
  31. Make Passata
  32. Make some Elderberry Rob
  33. Make some Blackberry Rob
  34. Decant blackberry wine Done
  35. Make some elderberry wine
  36. Make some spiced elderberry jelly
  37. Elderberry vinegar
  38. Blackberry vinegar
  39. Elderberry and Bramble jelly
  40. Preserved Mint
  41. Mint Cordial
  42. Mint Jelly
  43. Herb Jellies
  44. Pick and dry rosehips
  45. Make rosehip syrup
  46. Make rosehip jelly
  47. Another batch of dried sage to rub and store done
  48. Make Christmas cake - September is the best month to do this as it allows the cake time to mature the same as it is good to make Mincemeat yet again allows the time to mature and make really yuymmy mincemeat
  49. Go for a walk and collect fir cones  - then give to a friend with a log fire or burner make the room smell lovely as the cones release their resinous smell - ooh lovely.  Wish I had a real fire - will do one day!
  50. Save the peels from the Clementines and the Grapefruit and do something useful with them like:
  • Dry the peel for use in casseroles  done
  • Make homemade candied peel
  • Make cleaning vinegar with the peels and white spirit vinegar done with great success

There's always something you can do, even if it is only one or two things. my lists tend to grow like Topsy, or get re-arranged - will keep updated where I can.


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