Sunday, 7 August 2011

Early Morning amble

We got up early for us on a Sunday and went and walked Missy  and there were loads of cobwebs in amongst the bushes and the brambles..I have managed to get some of the  sea buckthorn and wild brambles.  I have a big bowl full plus a separate bag which I am gifting to my mum.  We are going back tomorrow as time escaped us -  there was only one of us picking  but I am still pleased with this little haul.  Bramble and Apple jam is on the cards for when I get back and the other berries will be fridged  until I can get some more tomorrow.  I got stung by a wasp as I was picking the brambles, but we got the sting out and my hand knows it has been stung.

Talking of a different kind of stinger I notice that the nettles are srouting new growth again so I may well nab some to make some nettle beer to" pop up" up in the pantry for later on (please excuse the pun).  I was after elderberries today too but because of time contraints did not get any.  Intend to put some bramble, elderberry and apple pie mix up in the pantry too.

There are also lots of teasel heads.  I have an idea for a Christmas decoration or two so I may well pick a big bunch of these for drying and use later on, with a bit of gold paint,ribbon and other bits and bobs.

I am looking out for some hazlenuts too.  We did find more horseradish today though and after last year's distinct absence of the same this is quite a bonus.

Have to get ready to go to mum's now we are being treated to one of her famous Sunday Roasts.

Catch up with you all later, be good and if you can't be good be careful!




  1. Enjoy that delish sounding roast!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day - bet that roast tasted good too!

  3. Hi Ladies

    The roast beat all expectations, but then there is nothing like a Sunday meal cooked by your mum. I used to have to spend every Sunday morning in the kitchen with her as I was growing up. There were a few rows and tantrums, but I learnt a lot by helping and actually watching. We always had decent meals even when the pennies were tight. Mum is a very good cook but then of course I am biased.




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