Monday, 1 August 2011


I am so luck I was given these by the Veg Shop people on Saturday - Greengages.  If you have never tried them before, they make a wonderful jam.  Greengage is one of my favourites.    These were only really good to make jam from but another time I hope to acquire some so that I can bottle them in a syrup and then serve with custard.  Might still get the opportunity of them yet they are only just coming into season.

And Look what I have made with them.  More Jam - well it all helps to swell the pantry coffers as it were.  Nothing wrong with toast spread with butter and jam.  I have made 5 jars but my preserving pan has got locked so am going to leave it overnight it until it settles down.  Will finish the rest up tomorrow.

I simply weighed 1.5 kgs of greengages, 1.25 kg of sugar into my Tefal jam machine I decided to try the quick programme, because the fruit is high in pectin.  And I started off with 25 minutes and just keep adding a few minutes until I get the set I want. The jam is a lovely yellow colour when spread on bread and butterand tastes lovely. Although in the jar it looks a dark goldeny colour.  Will be nice on toast, or in croissants, in a steamed pudding or a tart during the winter months rib sticking foods to keep us warm and keep us filled.  I don't intend to go hungry.

Because the jam machine is poorly I have resorted to the maslin pan and have made another batch of greengage jam that is now 8 jars made and there is another full pan on the bubble.

The greengages look green/yellow but mostly green when you first cut them

But when cooked go this lovely yellow yet in the jar as above it goes a goldeny yellow (the lighting in the kitchen isn't the best).
  Greengages are a yellow fleshed plum that has sweet but also tart notes.  I am a firm fan and am always pleased to be able to get hold of these lovely little plums.

Saying that my favourite plums are one that my grandfather used to grow a black plum with yellow flesh called black diamond.  They really are delicious.  There are lots of varieties that are grown in the garden but most people only know Victorias or the black South African plums.  Home grown like with strawberries are absolutely packed with flavour.


  1. I've never even seen any Tricia! Now I'm intrigued - I'm going to have another look locally.
    I don't know if you saw my (last but one) post on home-made Vanilla Extract? I thought it'd right up your street and it makes lovely gifts too.
    Hope you have a great week!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Never, ever heard of them before!

  3. They are a variety of plum. When you cut them in half the flesh is green/yellowy. They have a lovely flavour and they tend not to be available in the larger super markets. Mine came from my veg shop. They are lovely to eat, but make a lovely jam too. You would probably stand more chance of getting them from a smaller private greengrocers certainly in the UK. Well worth looking out for.


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