Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nighty Night

Just a quick pop in just to make sure everyone is okay.  Its getting very back endish again more autumn than summer.  Its been chilly here this evening and I have popped one of my thick sweatshirts bought from the West Country as it has gone more than a tad chilly -  at this rate I will soon be back in my thermals.  What a mixed up weather year we have had this year so far.

I have the hospital again tomorrow - I don't know its all appointments at the minute.  Last Thursday I had the physiotherapist who has given me some exercises for my back and my feet.  Tomorrow I am back at the General Outpatients Clinic for the follow up on the Endoscopy and how the medication for the hiatus hernia is working - must say am a lot more comfortable these days.  Next Thursday I have the Physio again - it would appear I have to go every couple of weeks  to start with.  On the 21 September I have to go to Rehabiltiation Clinic to be measured for shoe inserts as I have gone flat footed with my back being out - it would appear I haven't been walking properly. In October I am back to the GP for his follow up and review and more bloods etc. January I am back to the Rheumatology Clinic.  At least I am getting sorted - even if I do have appointments all over the shop!  I am very lucky in the larger plan of things and I am doing as I am told as I don't wish to be incapacitated and unable to get around under my own steam.  Apparently I have been doing the right thing by having kept going even when I have been extremely uncomfortable and stiff  I am grateful for small blessings.

I am off to bed early as I am shattered and I am going to cuddle under the quilt to keep warm.

Keep healthy and safe wherever you may be.
Catch you soon




  1. Hope you have a peaceful night and all goes well tomorrow for you Trishia.
    Know just what you mean with all the appointment malarky, I'm diabetic and it all seems to go in a six monthly rota - all or nothing!
    Rose H

  2. How I empathise with you, I have plantar fasciitis and am also sooooo stiff. My Dr says it may take 2 years to go away. This means I cannot walk far and so my circulation in now playing up in the other leg.
    I also have digestive troubles and take medication. Thank goodness for it, without the pills each day my life was hell....
    I know what would help everthing, lose weight, but that's easier said than done, especially when I can't move around properly.
    Well, that's my moan done with, hope you soon get going. Love your recipes.

  3. Gosh you've certainly got lots on!

    Hope all goes well & take care.

    Kay :)


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