Monday, 15 August 2011

Quick Catch Up

Sorry just a quick pop in as have sat down after humping books around.  I have had the books in and out the bookshelves quite a lot recently and not managed to get them back where they should be - I have therefore been - restocking the shelves to try and get the best out of the limited room available.  They have just got to fit!  I love my books and use them regularly and as I have said am trying to restore law and order to them - then when I am in a hurry I may just well be able to find what I am looking for.    I may not be entirely successful as I have been trying to order them by subject but I only have a few larger shelves for the taller books to slip into so may have to do some re-ackifurbitation!  Whilst I am tapping away at the keyboard my faithful Squeak is laid like a dog at my feet (this is the cat) whereas Missy my canine friend is sat on the settee - don't go there I think the roles have got confused somewhere along the line.  Anyway more books to hump and get sorted.  Hopefully will get back a little later on.

Catch you soon



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  1. Sounds like we have a similar problem! I got a larger bookshelf for my cookery books about six months's now full to bustin'! The books are now creeping back onto the original shelves in the kitchen which I re-used for appliances.
    You're obviously like me - I'd rather have a mountain of books than a Kindle!


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