Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday morning potterings

Its quiet just me, Squeak and Missy plottering around.  OH still upstairs asleep.  I am enjoying the silence of the house whilst I sip my first hot drink of the day.  I am tired but today is not a day for lying in - I have lots to do and so little time to do it.  I sit planning what I need to do during the course of the day due to my absence yesterday.  Some foraging is on the cards too.

The washing machine is loaded and whirring round and round so there will be a steady stream of washing going out onto the line throughout the day.  The sun is out the weather is good must make the most of it getting the washing dry without having to turn on the tumble drier and so use precious electric.

I have further preserves to make but I have started off with a gentle job.  I put a big bunch of fresh sage up to dry a couple of weeks ago.  This morning in the stillness and the quietness of the house was the perfect time to sit and gently rub the dried leaves into a bowl, the gentle rythmic procedure of rubbing the leaves down satisfying and peaceful and the result rubbed down sage for use during the winter months.  I took photos as I worked only to find I hadn't put the card in! Idiot or what!  So whether the photos will transfer from the camera memory later on I don't know, but I did try.  I use a lot of sage and for a little bit of effort doing it this way can keep me in sage for a year.  My hands are now stained light green and smell highly aromatic. The stems I keep and tie into little bundles and use on the barbecue as a fire lighter because they are tinder dry and they give off a lovely aroma the smoke keeping flies away.  Everything has a use and purpose - and its the simple things that make all the difference.

I am off to have another cup of tea now and then I have some jelly to process.

Be back soon



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  1. Sounds like a great start to the day, good tip about the sage stems.....Like you there is only two of us 2-legs at home, so where does ALL that washing come from I'd like to know?
    I've made my wash days a little nicer by finally making a new peg bag from some left over blue toille fabric, I almost can't wait to peg out the first load! Yep, I know - I'm sad ;o)
    Hope the day goes smoothly for you.
    Best wishes
    Rose H


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