Sunday, 28 August 2011

Today's Sunday Dinner and Pattypan's Yorkshire Puddings

Well it's been busy and I have only just sat down.  Been on the go all day doing various things.  We have a lodger overnight - the grandson has arrived and been eating us out of house and home, and he keeps popping down to see if I am okay.  He is playing games on the upstairs computer with his Granddad.

We have had a rib of roast beef for tea with roast potatoes mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, yorkshire puddings and it was scrummy.  We have had a lot of chicken in the past few weeks and for once decided to have a change.

Here is the roast just after being put in the oven.  I chopped a couple of sticks of celery and carrot and also an onion and popped some water in the base to keep it moist as this is the base of the gravy stock the rib was then popped on top and a tin foil roof put on and cooked for the first hour in this way I then take the foil off and continue cooking.

Half way through cooking

The Roasties

Preparing the patty tins with a knob of lard or in this case beef dripping and putting into a hot oven to melt Gas Mark 6

I make Yorkshire pudding by using a cup or a mug usually the mug.  I fill the mug with plain flour, then with milk and latterly eggs a mugful of each.  This will make a deep roasting tin or oblong sandwich tin full of yorkshire pudding or just over 12 individual yorkshire puddings.
I then beat with a wire whisk and combine all the ingredients until they are beaten together and the texture looks like single cream.  After preheating the fat until it is really hot I then just before I add the batter add a couple of drops of malt vinegar whip it again and then ladle or tip straight into the very hot tin.  I then pop in the oven  and don't open the door for at least 20 minutes with the tray being in the top of the oven.  Make sure there is room for the puddings or pudding to rise.

Here are my puddings they rose beautifully

And here is the cooked roasted rib - looks delicious doesn't it

I can tell you it was delicious and made very good eating - there's enough for tomorrow too - so seconds

I am now going to sit and have five minutes

Hope your day has been good too




  1. Patty oh how I would love to spend a weekend or two ;] with you! You make such yummy meals and would be great company. We could chat til the sun came up methinks :]

  2. Me thinks you are right Kimmie - If you were nearer it would perhaps would happen. I just love my food. Hope you and Heartpoet are okay




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