Monday, 5 September 2011

2011.09.05 My Day

First official day on holiday and its been a busy one.  I had requested that the bay tree in the back garden be given its biennial haircut as it had got slightly out of hand again. It was also bothering our next door neighbour who is unwell at present having suffered two very nasty strokes just recently. So we spent a good couple of hours doing that between us this morning.    Still a long way to go but at least the tree is trimmed.
The Grandson arrived he was going to stay for the day and overnight again.- he has now gone home I think we are too quiet for him, but he will be back tomorrow hist last day before school.
We then took Missy for a long walk down the river again.  I have been eyeing up some willow to make my own wreaths.  I am also after lots of elderberries, crab apples, blackberries, rosehips, haws etc.  We then came back and had a fry up for a late brunch.  I did all the washing up and then started to get tea ready roast beef and all the trimmings. Then I put the Pear and Ginger Chutney on that is now bottled up. Photos to follow later on.  

I nipped to the Charity shop for a while and got a useful pan which I am rather chuffed with.  Please see separate post.

I also cooked a double batch scone, to be cut into strips liberally buttered and then served with a mug of tee or coffee.  Had space in the oven so wasn't wasting the heat. 

Started Pam Corbins Plum and Apple Mincemeat - early signs are that this is going to be scrummy.  For the recipe go to the Jam Jar Shop here
It is in the River Cottage Preserves book by Pam Corbin under Plum and Russet Mincemeat.  It looks like a fruit soup at the moment.  This is the just the initial stages where I have just started to put the fruit in.

The mixture left now for 12 hours to soak

This morning after being left overnight - will get cooked this evening

I just wish you could smell it - it smells very Christmassey here at the moment and I think this is going to make a fantastic mincemeat.
Its very different to any other recipe I have used and has given me some other ideas too.  I used some Victoria Plums in this batch.  It has to be left for a minimum of 12 hours, and then you cook for 2 1/2 hours or so and then bottle.


Here is the Mincemeat after having been cooked and before the brandy was put in

And here it is all bottled up - I got 7 3/4 jars - not bad and it tastes absolutely scrummy.

Its really lovely and dark and very juicy even after the 2 1/2 hours cooking.

We had a very nice tea - now fully stuffed - I had made OH as a treat a Gooseberry Crumble - but he hasn't got room for it this evening I think he will be having this tomorrow served liberally with home made Custard containing my home made Vanilla Sugar.

Its been a rough evening here tonight, chilly and very windy, and spitting with rain.   I remembered to feed the cat this evening.

Now I have some more washing up to do I think this time the Dishwasher is going on as my hands are very sore from being in water earlier on.  I have also managed to cut my index finger quite badly on some glass - its another early start in the morning and I want to get on with the preserves.  Wednesday I am out and about as I am meeting friends at lunch and then going back to my friend's home for a little while and am out on Wednesday evening to the Fellowship, which I am looking forward to.

I have company with Squeak curled up on the arm of the settee whilst I am quickly typing this - she doesn't like being very far away from me - cat napping as usual.

Right must get on catch you all again soon



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