Saturday, 24 September 2011

2011.09.24 My Day

Its been a busy day and the nights are drawing in.  This was my front room at 7.15 p.m tonight looks cosy but the days are drawing in.

Anyway, today started with a walk down to the river with Missy  - I didn't come back with anything today on the foraging front but tomorrow will be a different kettle of fish.  I could not find my usual foraging kit - I have a bag with a pair of scissors, some polythene bags, some carrier bags a pair of marigolds in which I use when foraging.  Sometimes we take a stick with a crook in it as well.  But it was a very pleasant walk and we did not need a coat.

I also paid a visit to the Charity shop and have had something put by which I will tell you all about next week.  It was a treat to find such a lovely item and I am well chuffed.

I went to the veg shop today and bought a load of goodies to which I have referred in my previous post; I have a lot of scope with these items and the fruit and tomato bargains from the veg shop on the basics make things easier.  With the Cooking apples which were reduced to 50 pence a bag there is 2lb of apples in each bag which totals 6lbs of apples for £1.50  I think these are going to make some apple pies for the freezer.  Similarly the Tomatoes there is 6lb in weight for £3.  I am going to use these to make some Passata sauce for the Pantry Shelf and maybe some Tomato Soup for the freezer.  I was also given a lot of black grapes this week and so am going to have a go at making some grape jelly, and maybe will bottle a few in syrup as well.  So have a lot to do am going to be busy during the week.

I then tidied the front room up and then started on the pantry which is still in dissaray.  I have been doing a load of washing up too all stuff from the pantry which needed doing but I also have to scrub out the main pantry - so once I have removed everything I think it will be sometime tomorrow before everything is put back in its place.   Its a useful exercise  although a time consuming one and I am doing a shopping list as I go along for those Items that I have become low on.  I suspect in the next week or two I will be doing a stock up on tinned goods which is also part of my stockpile.  Its a while since I did so so needs looking at.  I certainly need Bread Flour, (I use Waitrose Canadian OO Flour both White and Wholemeal), Butter, Sugar, Lard, Stork Margarine for starters but I do tend to shop around for the best price where I can on the other items. (I also keep them in the freezer when I buy in bulk and get them out as I want them)

With regard to the bottom photo, please note that I  do not normally keep my eggs in the front room.  They are there because one Jack Russel by the name of Missy has a habit of helping herself to a new tray of eggs, not only pinching them but eating them raw and as the kitchen is in a right mess at the moment it was felt that they would be safer here - although the little rascal pinched a fir cone I bought in earlier on and took it upstairs to chew it to bits.  Fortunately I got to it first.  Anyway my kitchen is calling and I have a couple of loaves of bread to make tonight.

Catch you all soon and hope you have a lovely evening



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