Saturday, 10 September 2011

Early evening roundup

Its been a blowy day here in Peterborough and it looks as though its going to be a well windy night as well with weather forecasters predicting that we are going to get the tail end of a hurricane.  You could say its blowing a bit of a hoolie.  I didn't sleep too well last night as my back was playing up and I could not get comfortable. Fortunately I did not disturb OH as he was on overnight manouvres with his computer game he plays in the computer room.   I think I also had too much tea to drink at my friends as well and I was up and down quite a bit so I don't suppose it will be much different tonight I just hope everyone keeps safe and that not too much damage is sustained.  Please be careful wherever you may be.

We have had steak pie, mashed potatoes and onion gravy for tea which was very nice.  OH had home made gooseberry crumble with custard for afters I am not too keen on cooked gooseberries I like them raw but I don't mind custard.  Especially home made with vanilla sugar and eggs it goes a very pretty pale yellow.

I have remembered to feed the cat the food is still going but no sign of the cat or cats.  The veg shop people are back on Tuesday so my duties will end there.  They have even made him his own waterproof shelter but he was not in residence.

I have some more bits and bobs to complete and so I shall depart for the kitchen to try and get a few more bits and bobs done.  I don't suppose it will be a very early night.  I was given some cooking apples last night and I have in mind an apple chutney to go with cheese and biscuits.

Take care and will catch up where I can



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