Saturday, 17 September 2011


Morning all  - just a quick pop in - its raining here in Peterborough and a little windy, but the sky seems bright; every so often you hear a car go by with their wheels making that sheeh sound as they go through the wet - autumn is well and truly here with all her different shades of colour and habits that are peculiar to her season of mellow mists and fruitfulness.  The month that traditionally slips us through from the warm to the cooler to the cold.

I have lotds to do dotay as per usual.  I hope to get to play for a while too; but we shall see what we shall see.  I am going to be backwards and forwards I suspect for the best part of the day, but I promise I will catch up later on when the chores are dealt with.

I had a very pleasant evening last night with my friend, we have planned a couple of recipes that she wants to have a go at on the preserving front.  I suspect that the next couple of recipes she would like to have a go at are the Plum Mincemeat and an apple chutneyy.  I have some mint to process into a cordial although I may get some more and do some more mint sauce.   I am hoping to get to the veg shop later on, and I also have some more pickled onions to process.

Have fun until I catch up later on




  1. Please tell us more about the mint cordial. This year I have been growing mint successfully, and would love to make some cordial with it
    weekend blessings x

  2. Hi Angela,

    Will get back to you later - there are a couple of recipes I have that might be of use. The more recent one in its present form is not a long term keeper - can be kept in the fridge, but I tend to hot water bath most recipes of this kind anyway so that you can store them on the pantry shelf, until you open them then they must be put in the fridge, but that way round you get to have them out of season a little. Will write up later for you.




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