Sunday, 11 September 2011

Natures Bounty

It has been a quiet day here at Pattypan's apart from the loud wicker of the wind bouncing and rustling by the houses.  I do hope everyone is okay and that the wind hasn't been too bad in your neck of the woods. I went out dressed up like Nanook of the North - heavy duty jacket (thermal lined) jumper, shirt - ended up stripping off because I was too warm. 

I picked up some more Rosehips today which need processing I haven't bought a massive amount back just a small portion.  I will probably do them later on whilst listening to the television and picked up these two  wildling apples too.  I will add them to the cookers that I have already.  They are nice fat hips like the ones I did the other day so although a little time consuming preparing them fro drying in this way it means I will be able to use them later on to make rosehip tea or put them in with apples and make apple and rosehip jelly or make wine with them.  Its at times like this that I wish I had a Rayburn or an Aga as they are ideal for drying allsorts of things on.    And for warming your undies on and your wellies. My Nan had a Rayburn.   One day - until then I am practicing with what I have to hand, which isn't quite the same but then there's always a means to an end.   I was quite pleased with what I achieved yesterday but am a little tired today.  Will just have to take it steady.  Bull in proverbial china shop comes to mind.  Well I am a Taurean!

On our walk this morning, (although very windy it was surprisingly warm) I picked up this bowl of mushrooms, predominantly puffball but some ordinary mushrooms as well which I was quite pleased with.

They are not perfect but there is still some good eating in there.  I think I must have been a hedgewitch in a previous life!  I love finding things in the hedgerows.

Well I suppose I really must get on - I have that Sunday afternoon feeling where I just want to potter about.  I have already been looking through a couple of old magazines that I have upstairs.  Does anybody remember the Inspirations Magazine.  I really used to like that one, but it stopped many years ago.  Have been browsing for ideas and I think I may have one or two.  Well perhaps I might have another cup of tea first.

Catch you later



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