Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Record Box/Memories

So many memories attached to a box full of vinyl 45's and 78's records that kept a child occupied and which were always dragged out on cold winter days, and I used to jiggle and dance around.

My mum was one of ten children who were bought up in a two up two down terrace house. In their youth my uncles and aunties had bought records and as they had then all gone their separate ways they had taken the records they wanted and a pile was left behind which were passed on to me as a youngster.

A few weeks ago I went to my friends home and she had a guest who was quite knowledgeable about music and they were trying to outdo each other on song titles i.e. who could come up with names of songs that the other wasn't aware of. (or at least remember them)  In the end I fetched the records and revived a few memories for them as well as for me rediscovering what was actually in the box.  It turned out to be a very pleasant evening and a lot of memories were bought to the fore.

Is there a particular old record that holds special memories for you too or was your song.  Would love to hear.

Am afraid the first two pop stars I was fond of was Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard.  But then I liked Rosemary Clooney and Alma Cogan too.  There  were also lots of records which over the years got dropped or broken and these records really did break and when they went they went with a smash, so I think in retrospect I am lucky to have these.

I have CD's but to me part of the joy was flipping through the colourful LP covers in the racks in the record shops somehow or the other these days it isn't quite the same.



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