Monday, 12 September 2011

Sometimes Lazy days are needed

It has been a lazy day today, [or should I say inspirational] and I have enjoyed for once flitting round the Internet  blog hopping and researching information for some yet to come posts and some projects to make.  That's not all I have been doing, but the weather has dictated that it be a stay at home day as the wind has been fast furious and full of bluster.  I did not go for a walk this morning as I had hoped to do I like being out in the fresh air and foraging for bits and bobs. [ Its not just on walks like this that I am off under my own steam but I am just the same on a beach, looking for shells, pretty pieces of washed glass, pretty pebbles, and rock pool watching]. I don't think OH had intended taking me anyway, but when he came back he said that he had nearly been knocked over the by the strength of the wind so in one sense I am glad I stayed at home.  I hope all of you are safe and sound wherever you may be.

OH eventually realised that what I had said about a screaming banshee in the bedroom was down to a real thing rather than my imagination.  It would appear that the sealant between the window frame and the wall had come slightly adrift, and the wind was getting through and ratlling round the frame.  He has since cured that, but I think I have a similar problem with the front room window too and he is going to look at that further.  However, at least the bedroom one is fixed.  Hurrah.

I have been having a look at the dresser shelf (the one that you have not seen yet) and I have put all the preserves that were on the side dresser on to them now.  I am still not happy though so will be a day or two before I present any pictures and besides I still have loads to do and I am back to work on Wednesday.  So tomorow will be my last full day of freedom for a little while, but not my last day to play.

Unfortunately I have not got to my crafts per se or my sewing machine, but that will come in time.  I have been playing with different crafts this holiday and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Although I have not got to the soap making yet, I will do. in good time, but I have been looking at recipes for bath bombs and bath tablets so might have a play with them first, especially as I have some dried rose petals from my mum's garden again and also some lavender. I may make some pot pourri yet as well.  I am easy pleased and  I can very easily keep myself occupied with next to nothing.

This afternoon I have "rubbed" another big bundle of sage which I have dried from my little herb garden, which isn't very much but the sage does seem to like it there.  I am not far off the top of the big bottle I have decanted the "rubbed" sage into but my hands smell very fragrant as a result and there is also more sage drying on the dresser at the moment.  I use a lot of sage in cooking, especially with stuffings.

Not far to the top now

I have also started to collect some bits and bobs together in a basket for crafting later on; the idea being that as I came across items that I will potentially use is to put them in a basket where I can find them rather than rootling around trying to locate something at the last minute which I am prone to do.  Or I put them in a safe place and cannot find them when I need them.  This basket is destined for the dresser top, so that I have a visual on a daily basis.

Well I am off to play again for a little while - I may pop back later on.

Take care 



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