Saturday, 10 September 2011

Teasel Christmas Decorations and Willow Wreaths Etc

I know its early but whilst I have been off work I am trying to do as much as I can with what is available to me and offer.  There are loads of teasels about and I thought that if I bought a big bunch in to dry, once they are dry I could then paint them , gold, red or green and then either give them a collar with a white lacy doily round the edge or with some lace, or some chiffon draped appropriately.  I thought I would make about 4 of these posies for decorating the bannister on the stairs.  I have some green braid and a limey green braid (red would be good but I do not have that at present) and I thought if I attached some bells as well that this would decorate my straight up and down stairs just a little bit during the Christmas period.  Well that's the plan.  One thing I am going to do though is take the prickles off the stems with a sharp knife and then probably sand paper them down so they do not catch.  I don't really want to be hurting myself or anybody else for that matter.

Now might also be an appropriate time to remind you all to start buying in stub wires, flower tape, oasis etc. in preparation for doing your own decorations ala Kirsty Alsopp in Kirstys Home-made.  Look around you see what you can dry and utilise, fir cones, nuts old plant pots that can be given a gold spray job and then planted up with a candle in the middle and sunk into oasis and decorated with nuts spray painted or natural or even little heart shaped or round rosemary or bay garlands.  If you have access to some willow the nice long whips can be turned into very rustic looking wreaths and frames, very simply and popped somewhere warm to dry; yet again for decorating the home or giving away as gifts.   And how about having a go at making some orange and lemon pomanders to scent the home during the Christmas season.  If you have chinese lanterns or honesty, statice etc growing in the garden then you can also make a feature of these within your autumn display or Christmas decorations they can look spectacular with a spray of gold paint.

Also now is the time to start buying bulbs, how about planting up a couple of pots of bulbs to give away as Christmas presents.  There is nothing cheerier in the depths of winter than a bowl full of pretty flowers it cheers the soul. I have an Amaryllis which has just started to sprout leaves and just coming into life again.
My friend is looking out for fir cones for me  which with the addition of some little net curtain eyes screwed into their bases  and a little pretty ribbon or gold paint can be turned into hanging tree decorations or strung on a garland.  I have also located some very tiny cones down the river a few of which I have already but would be good for decorating small Christmas tree decorations as they are minute.

I also thought that I would do some little heart shaped wire frames and cover them with rosemary, or bay leaves, some chilli ropes or garlands or discs with a variety of bay leaves, chillis, thyme bunches and bouquet garni as a kitchen gift for a cook.

All this started off with my bay tree getting a hair cut.  There is inspiration to be found in everything.

Remember that if you get things done today that is one more less thing to do tomorrow.

I am off to play hopefully will catch up with you later.

I have found a few links that might be of interest specifically for home made items made of natural materials

On the left hand side at the bottom there are also some more projects that might be of interest.  If I find any more links I will add them as I find them.

This fir cone garland is on my list to make - it is so simple.  My friend has been collecting fir cones as she finds them and whether she realises it or not she is going to be making one of these as well.


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