Saturday, 3 September 2011

Yay I am on holiday

I am on holiday now until the 14 September when I return to work - so I am looking forward to having a good sort out and a good play whilst I am away from the office.  There is so much to do and as usual so little time to do it, but hey for me its about enjoying what I do.  There is no point in doing something if you don't actually enjoy it.

Needless to say there will be some food preservation of one sort or another going on as well as some housework and some needlecrafts and some gardening.

This evening I have been at my friend's home over the road.  I have taught her how to make vanilla sugar to use when making Tablet or in puddings and cakes, and she has topped that up a couple of times.  More recently I have been teaching her how to pickle things, so that she can have some goodies put up in her "pantry" for the winter months and for Christmas.  She is a vegetarian and so far we have been making things that will help pep things up a bit.  Prior to this she has never done any kind of preserving at all.    We started with pickled onions and she has gone on to make a jar on her own.  This week we have done pickled eggs and I believe we are going to be doing pickled cucumber and pickled beetroot next week.  Its nice that I can pass a skill on that is practical and useful.

I am shopping tomorrow am taking my mum into town for a few girly hours.  I am hoping to get up to the market, as my local veg shop are on holiday for a fortnight. 

So will catch up with you all a bit later on.

Take care wherever you may be.

Catch you later - time for me to climb the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.



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