Wednesday, 5 October 2011

2011.10.05 My Day

 Evening everyone sorry am later on parade.

Its been a busy day which started off with me  going to the hospital to have the shoe inserts fitted.  Must say that they are making me walk properly but I feel as though I am moonwalking at the moment as they are making me walk properly and am at a different angle to what I have been.  Will take some getting used to but I intend to persevere.    No sooner had I got in this evening than I had to leave out for an evening at the Spiratualist and Psychic Fellowship, where I help on the Committee and also in the kitchen etc.  Its been a very enjoyable evening and we had a very good visiting medium come to pay a visit.  Have only just really managed to touch base, grab a bacon sarnie (did not manage tea before I went out). I intend to do a few rows of cross stitch and then up away to bed, so it is just a touch base job this evening.  It hasn't been too bad a day although the wind has got up and been a tad rough and it has been raining - we sorely need the rain as everywhere is so dry.

Yesterday OH rang me at work as he had had a funny experience with Demetri.  He had been in the kitchen cooking himself something to eat when he heard an awful racket outside.  It turned out to be Demetri who was calling to come in - he did chuckle as all my other cats have done this in the past but he had never heard Demetri.  His comment was something along the lines that he is "home".  Since then he has taken to going to the back door to go out and is not necessarily going out through the bathroom window; so I think he is settling although he is not eating cat food at all.  He is eating cat biscuits though and chicken!  I don't think he has been given cat food in the past as it just doesnt' seem to register that it is for eating.  Oh well swings and roundabouts.

I have a course to do this Saturday which I am quite looking forward to so I don't think I will be around much on Saturday although I will try and peek in later on.  I will try and do a post before then - I have lots on the go and items prepared or nearly there but am lacking one very important commodity at the moment which is time.

Catch up soon  - I promise

Take care



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