Monday, 10 October 2011

Bay Salt

I have made the Bay Salt

I weighed out 4oz of Maldon Sea Salt and then added approximately   6 large leaves; placed the ingredients in a food processor and pulsed, The salt goes a pale green colour - taste to make sure you are happy with the flavour; adjust if necessary.   I have left this to dry overnight to ensure that everything dries equally.  Smells very aromatic and goes a very delicate pale green colour.  Decant into a screw topped jar and use a little to add a little more flavour to your cooking.  Use sparingly though. 

I think it looks quite pretty

My main reason for making this is that I have read about it being used in charcuterie and I thought it might be a different way of adding flavour to a piece of pork by rubbing it in the fat.  Apparently I will not need very much of the salt as it retains the full flavour of the bay leaves .  Am looking forward to playing with this next time I have a piece of pork for dinner.


  1. This looks REALLY good. Forwarding a link to our Jon, who is the family expert on all things pork.


    PS I love Maldon Salt, I am a true Essex girl

  2. Thanks for the link Angela - nice little blog and something else I am very interested in.

    Take care




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