Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dirty Stop Out

Last night for the first night in a fortnight Demetri did not come home!  Dirty stop out. I was a tad concerned, but left the window open for him to get in to bed.if he still wanted to.  I came down this morning to find the wanderer snuggled in his blanket bleary eyed and with the expression do not disturb written all over him - very sleep.  He is now snuffled down on his blanket catching uop with some shut eye as if butter wouldn't melt.  I don't like my cats being out overnight and I am hoping this does not become recurrent especially with the colder weather yet to come as the window will not be open then.  Will have to see how it goes.  Needless to say he has had his cuddle and some food. - lets hope he doesn't repeat the performance.

Some hope  - lets be realistic he is a cat


  1. Tut, tut! Little devil ;o)
    My Mom was worried sick this morning as her cat hadn't been seen since about 5 last night, I told her not to worry as he'd be home soon for food and a snooze! Guess what - half an hour later he arrived!
    They worry the life out of you don't they?

  2. Hi Rose H

    He looked suitably subdued when I went to him this morning. However OH went through and disturbed him and got swiped. Yet he is as good as gold with me. We will see what happens tonight. We are having chicken for tea and I have a feeling he won't be going that far as chicken is his favourite to eat at the moment although he is eating biscuits. Glad your mum's cat has come home too




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