Sunday, 2 October 2011

A little Gift

I received another little gift from my friend Eve who I have been mentoring in the cooking and sometimes the craft department.   She knows I love fir cones, and that I collect them to put in the brass log bucket by the side of the fire place. [ We have a gas fire unfortunately that does not work but I have the companion set and I normally have brass and copper ornaments scattered around the fire hearth, but it all helps create an illusion a set if you like.  One day I will have my real fire but in the meantime I have been building up the basics so that I have them to hand when I do eventually get the said fire.]  

Everytime Eve goes for a walk if she sees some decent cones then she brings them back to me.  I am very grateful for these cones and they are going to be turned into Christmas garlands for both Eve and myself.  A way of acquiring nice things to decorate your home with for very little money just a bit of time and effort.  The bonus is that we will  have a companionable time when we are making the garlands.I have plenty of ribbon all I need to get is the eye hooks enough to do the garlands for both of us. I have some other ideas too.

There are plenty of things you can do with a fir cone or fir cones the most traditional one being to burn them on an open fire so that they scent the room with their aromatic resin.  Smells wonderful but then I love a log fire!

Something simple given with love from the heart can open up a whole new load of possibilities.  Those gifts are infinitely more valuable to me because they were given with love - the purest intent and anything done with the purest intent is unconditional.



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  1. I love fir cones burning on the fire too, I have a bowl of pot porri in the sitting room and it has several pine cones on the top. Every time I dust I put may hands in the bowl and let the pot porri run through my fingers and just for a few moments the the air is scented with lavender and pine......


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