Saturday, 15 October 2011

One Thing a Day - Preparing Walnuts

I was given some of these the other day  - the skins are black and I have to strip them off and get rid of as much as the membrane as I can and then leave them, to dry.  Well that is what the book says - and being Walnuts I am afraid I will have to go in armed and wearing the dreaded Marigolds as they have an unfortunate habit of staining everything that they come into contact with.

According to the book you get off as much membrane as possible I think I am going to need a small brush for this, (since originally typing this I have stripped the walnuts of their skins and scrubbed them up individually with a small nail brush especially sacrificed for the situation.  I love wet walnuts in any event and like to dip them in a little salt.  They really are scrummy and a treat.  Traditionally the nuts were stored in the earth or in salt to stop them drying out.  I have decided to store them in some rock salt I have.  Equally they can be stored in hessian or string bags in a cool dark and airy place like a traditional pantry.  I would think in total I have just under a kg.  I hope they store well in the salt as I quite fancy a waldorf salad come Christmas

These Walnuts are destined to be used  and put up for Christmas.  I have recipes to make some Praline and some Candied Walnuts which I have never tried before.  Lovely to go with ice cream and also as a special Christmas nibbles snack.  I just love nuts and its nice to have something to eat that it is good for you.

Catch you soon




  1. My fav nut since I was a small girl :]

  2. One of mine too. We always used to get them in our christmas stockings. Hope you are okay




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