Monday, 10 October 2011

One thing a Day - Today Vanilla Sugar


Sugar of choice

Couple of proper Vanilla pods (Holland and Barrett sell these as do some of the larger food stores)

I am attempting to try and do one item a day for the next few weeks.  Tonight's item is Vanilla Sugar  stocks are low again and I love this incredible sugar in custards and home made Victoria Sponges - I am making it two different ways one the Jamie Oliver method just put a kg of sugar in the food processor and a couple of proper Vanilla pods and blitz it.  The other way which takes a month to mature is to fill a jar suitable to take a kg of sugar and then pop in the whole Vanilla pods and leave to scent for a month.   Doing it this way you can still use the vanilla pod in making home made custard. This is my usual method but I had a yen to try the Jamie Oliver method and then I feel I am getting something done in the run up to Christmas.  You can use different sugars too - whichever takes your fancy.

Here is the previous post I did on this with some other flavours - well they do cost an arm and a leg in the shops and it is nice to ring the changes and adding different layers and depths to your food.
Go on have a go its easy.


  1. I was going to say how expensive they are but suppose if your making sugar you can use it to get more than one meal

  2. If you make at home though you get far more for your money. The vanilla sugar gets loads of mileage as you can use in all baking, custards, meringues - wherever you would use ordinary sugar. Its also nice in home made milky coffee. 1kg of sugar usually lasts me a couple of months as I use it in everything. Better still if you get the sugar on offer and the vanilla pods on offer too


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