Saturday, 1 October 2011

Simple Pleasures

There is nothing so heartwarming as being given an unexpected gift, especially when that something has been grown by your own fair hands.

I received these today from my Italian Friend Agostino (Ag for short).  They are plum tomatoes, he says that they are very sweet and that he has been busy putting the tomatoes up and bottling them.

I think Agostino must be in his late eighties,, but he still keeps fit by seeing to his allotment and bringing on turkeys for Christmas.  He was widowed not so long back and the allotment is a way of life to him he goes twice a day.  So it was a double blessing, seeing my friend and the gift of the tomatoes.

Its the simple things that mean a lot and speak many words without making a sound.



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  1. I couldn't agree more! I was given a container of home-made tomato soup AND a big bag of small tomatoes by a friend yesterday. We
    had the soup for lunch, and I've slow-roasted half the bag this afternoon. So planning salad tomorrow and Monday - and gorgeous cooked tomato dishes Tuesday and Wednesday.
    And as we enjoy this good food, our friendship witll grow sweeter!

    hope your plum toms taste just as good!

    weekend blessings


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