Saturday, 26 November 2011

2011.11.26 My Day

I have this week off and I have an awful lot to do.  Today  my first day off and I haven't really done very much, haven't had a lot of energy today so have rested.  

The weather has been very cold here and the wind is more than breezy and is howling a little.   Today I Have done a bit of shopping and managed to get one or two more items for the Christmas box such as some Paynes Chocolate Brazils and some salted peanuts.  I paid a visit to the veg shop and have come back with some oranges, clementines, lemons a leek, some root ginger,  some beetroot and two large cauliflowers.  Not much but things I needed.  The cauliflowers were 60 pence each and they are massive. Fen grown locally and on speaking to the veg shop owners they did not think that there would be any fresh cauliflowers like this around come Christmas.  I therefore bought two cauliflowers to make some cauliflower cheese for the freezer.  If they have anymore in the week I might well nab a couple more and freeze the florets down.  The Oranges I am going to make a Ginger fruit relish and with the clementines I am going to make Orange Water Ice.  The beetroot is to be boiled and then pickled.  The lemons are going to make some more lemon curd (we go through a lot of it and it is particularly nice mixed with home made plain yogurt and then served up as a pud.  I also want to get some more soup made for the freezer as it is handy to have during the week.

I am on baby sitting duties for Tiddles my friend's cat.  Have been over a couple of times already and fed and watered him.  Will go again in the morning to check on him.  He was pleased to see me.  I taught his mum how to make a Christmas pudding last night have done a round one - its her first Christmas pud.  Have used my recipe  - a variation on a Delia recipe where I add in a few other ingredients as well such as apple, carrot and Cider.

Have a pile of ironing to get on with so must dash

Catch you soon



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  1. I LOVE fresh, local veg...I usually go to our farmers market...much tastyer AND more for your pennies ...which leaves more for me to spend on "other" things xx


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