Saturday, 12 November 2011

Catch Up

Its been a funny old week dismal grey raining - the rain we need but this time of year it does get me down.  I hated being confined to quarters as a child by the rain, but as an adult you have different responsibilities.  OH suffers from bipolar disorder and also SAD he has been very down in the dumps this week and I have found myself gently chivvying him along and ensuring he is okay in between doing everything else.

I had a rare lay in this morning  - I was shattered and hugged my bed a lot later than I usually due as I was flat out for the count after an extremely busy week.  When I did get up we walked Missy.  OH walks her every day but I only get to play at the weekends.  Its been warm here after the past few days which have been very cold.  It was damp, the golden beautiful foliage of the trees, on some trees is coming off with a vengence whilst on others they are still well covered.  The leaves become slippy when damp and I nearly went skiing a couple of times.  Everything is closing down for the winter months.  We were privileged to yet again see the Woodpecker in full flight darting amongst the trees and across the playing fields; it lives in a bunch of silver birch trees.  No doubt we will walk Missy again in the morning and I aim to get some more teasels for my Christmas decorations tomorrow.

When I came back I went to the veg shop - limited funds this week so having to prioritise what I need first until I get paid again.  I needed a tray of eggs, picked up some reduced tomatoes and eating apples, a cabbage, swede,parsnips, leeks.  I picked up celeriac and fennel yesterday from the main market in town.  Then I popped and got the milk for the week and three bags of sugar as unusually for me I am fast running out.

I then came back and started on the bedroom again; last weekend OH fitted out what was my old airing cupboard (but the the fitting of a new gas boiler in the back bedroom earlier in the year has become redundant and it has been turned into a walk in wardrobe.  Just recently a friend had given me some very high quality hardly worn clothes and I desperately needed hanging space for everything. That problem is now solved and I intend to get some plastic drawers (sold in sets in Wilkinsons) to put to the side of the walk in wardrobe for want of  a better phrase to store my curling tongs, hairdryer etc -  the bits that you need to use but which rather get in the way if not stored properly.  I am still doing the bedroom but hopefully that will be well sorted by tomorrow evening and everything will have a home an organised place to be kept.  I have the carpet to wash in the bedroom tomorrow after finding a home for the bits I unpacked to use over Christmas; one of the bedside rugs has already been washed and I have the other to do tomorrow.

Half way through the afternoon I popped over the road to my friend's to hang her curtains for her, had a cup of tea and then came away after giving her a couple of jumpers that I no longer had a need for as they were too small.  She was well pleased with them.

We had a simple supper of egg and chips - simple good homely food that went down well with a couple of slices of bread and butter   quickly followed by a couple of mugs of hot tea as I wanted to get on with the bedroom again.

This evening I have sorted OH's wardrobe out so it is tidy.  He still has to go through it to sort out some of those items he does not want any more but I think that will be something for another day.  I have also found why I had a coathanger shortage  - he has been storing them in his wardrobe - I thought it funny I couldn't find any and went and bought some more the other day.  I now have stacks again.  On the cards for tomorrow is my main wardrobe.  Then there are the "dressing tables" to sort.  Once it is done though it will be a job well done as I will then be able to get the rest of the ironing put straight away after airing.  However before I can accomplish this I have to make myself a new ironing board cover!  So I have lots to do as usual.

Well have to get on still things to do before I can get to bed.

Catch up tomorrow sometime

Take care wherever you are 



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  1. You are having a very productive weekend, it will be really satisfying when all the sorting is done and you can get things put away properly. I need to spend some time sorting out our loft, it's in a bit of a state at the moment, kind of 'out of sight out of mind' until I go up there to try and find something when it really irritates me. Problem is when DH goes up to look for things, it's a complete tip afterwards! He's never quite grasped the concept of putting things back where he finds them!


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