Saturday, 19 November 2011

Deep Clean

Sorry I have been absent, been cleaning all day a real deep clean of the kitchen which I do inbetween regular cleaning at least every couple of months or so.  This is when I zip into cleaning anything and everything in sight with the steam cleaner.  This is all part and parcel of my preparations for Christmas.  With it being an old house and one that is rented, the owners have when they have had work done, had cheap tradesmen in who don't finish of the work properly and there are lumps and bumps or things are not straight. In between the cleaning I have also been sorting out cupboards I have found some more things I had forgotten I had like the Raclette, the popcorn maker, the candy floss machine, the chocolate fountain and the health grill!  Well no doubt I will press them into use over the festive season or in the next few weeks or so at the very least.  I have had much of my equipment for many years and I look after it as best as I can. 

I still have the cooker to clean down in the kitchen, but OH had a disaster with that during the week, he caught the glass oven door and it shattered. He was very sheepish when he picked me up and explained.  But there we are accidents happen. It still has jagged bits of glass in it so I am going to have to be extremely careful when cleaning it.  I have been on the Cannon website and located a replacement but it is going to have to wait until I get paid as it is about £75!

I really love it when everything is lovely and clean again and sparkling makes me feel almost virtuous.

Tomorrow it will be finish off the kitchen and progress to the pantry to sort out everything in there and from there to the dining room. Its going to be a very busy week.

Its been very cold here tonight and Demetri is becoming very much a home bird these days.  I whistle all my cats in and you can hear him clunking over the neighbours fences and calling to me to wait so that he can get in.  He is so funny and affectionate.

Well am shattered its time for bed as I have an early start tomorrow to continue with the deep clean.  I want the house to be tickety booh for Christmas.  However I do have one job that I have to do and I am not looking forward to it.  Cleaning the brass and copper I do manage to get in a mess with it.

Anyway off to Bedfordshire

Catch you soon



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  1. We can think of each other tommorrow Trishia, as your plans seem pretty much the same as mine!
    Rose H


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