Sunday, 13 November 2011

New to me Bookshelf

As part of the bedroom tidying I have managed to get OH to put up a small bookshelf that I picked up second hand for about £5 from my local charity shop.  It has a couple of kittens on the top playing with a ball or ball of string which rather appealed at the time of me buying it. [Those of you who know me well will know of my love for cats and dogs and at one time, when I started this blog I had five.  Three passed last year and one this year and I still have Squeak together with Demetri who is very slowly making himself at home. ]  I have also managed to acquire through one means or another several books that are on the to read pile but which have no home, so having it put up sort of kills two birds with one stone.

The cat picture below which is a favourite was also a charity shop find - the same shop, but about a couple of years ago.

And the top shelf provides a home for some of my teddy bears.  My oldest one is as old as me and was put into my cot just after I was born by my Gran.  Its one of the things I would save if there was ever a fire that and the photograph album.  God forbid.

Needless to say the bedroom will not be quite finished today.  Although I have managed to rehome all my shoes in the closet wardrobe.  I still have a lot of items to rehome and find a space for elsewhere

However OH is cooking tea this evening - He is using the Rotisserie to cook a chicken with roasted mixed vegetables underneath with plenty of garlic - I wish you could smell the aroma it looks promising.  OH had wanted chips with it - but as he only had chips last night I said not.  Plus its healthier this way on.

Catch up later



  1. I love the bookcase with the playful kittens Trisha, and your teddies are so precious, no wonder you'd take your childhood one in an emergency. I left mine in an outbuilding when playing one day and we couldn't find it. When it eventually came to light it was home to a family of mice who were snug in the wood straw. Mom said it had too many germs after they had lived in it so it ended up being thrown away :o( No wonder I'm such a sucker for teddy bears now.
    Hope you have a good week.
    Rose H

  2. Glad that you are making progress with your sorting out, hope you enjoyed your dinner too, sounded good.

  3. How apt your bookcase is... It's looks great!

    Kay :)


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