Sunday, 13 November 2011

Unpacking a Box

Yesterday I started to unpack one of my boxes as the box was far too big and the plan was to pack the contents into two smaller boxes.  I had forgotten what was in the box and it was exciting rediscovering bits and bobs that were well wrapped. I was initially going to pack the contents into two separate boxes, but like most best laid plans of mice and men things changed and I am keeping the contents  out for use over Christmas.

First out were some cut glass sherry schooners

Second two thernal pots brand new never used (told you all i was a squirrel) and I have decided to keep these out for use over Christmas for probably some really nice coffee. They are a pale blue which actually goes with a small blue flower in one of my dinner services, but that aside I think they will come in very useful in keeping things nice and warm over the seasonal festivities.

A square brown bag cookie dish and brown bag cookie moulds (several) see separate post

8 dishes think you  call them gratin dishes like the ones above

10 Ramekins -  these are always useful for making chocolate mousse or any other individual pud

12 corn on the cob holders (we are rather partial to corn this way)

2 baking sheets

A breafast trio for marmalade jam and honey and a large porcelain fish pate/mousse dish

My old brown glass vinegar bottle

A pretty striped batter bowl

3 miniature matching picture frames

2 Art Nouveau picture individual tea trays

4 egg cups

6 tablemats
6 coasters
2 standing mats

6 China mugs

Catch you soon




  1. My goodness, it must have been a big box to have all that in it!!

  2. It sounds like Christmas already!

    Sime's always sorting out his hoarde & finding things he's forgotten about, he's definitely a squirrel & it drives me mad!

    Kay :)

  3. Hi Anne

    Yes it was a very big box! One of several, but it was fun rediscovering what was in it. Now I just need to find home for it all! Hope you and Edwin are keeping well. Look after yourselves and take care.



  4. Hi Kay and Sime

    I certainly subscribe to the squirrel disorder now I just need the dream kitchen to house it all!

    Hope you are both keeping well

    Take care



  5. lol, another squirrel here.. all seems perfectly normal to me...(grins!)

    Leanne x


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