Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What a Busy Week - So far

It seems to have been all go at home and at work this week seems to be zipping along like nobody's business.

This morning did not start well; we both slept heavily and OH turned the alarm off and went back to sleep - me I didn't hear it I was still deep in slumber; and then it was all rush and tear in order to get to work on time.  I am not good if hurried in a morning I like to come too gracefully and gradually!

I have been given a load of plums from someone's freezer today so have some plum jam to do.  I also have a batch of stock paste to make think will do that this evening - have lots to do just not have the energy to do it.

We have pizza and garlic ciabatta with pate for tea - wanted something lighter than last nigh.  We had Cornish pasties,mashed potato and  onion gravy which was scrummy and warming and proper comfort food especially after a dark damp day.

It has been a very foggy past couple of days resulting in teeming rain last night.  Its been grey and cold today but thankfully some of the mist had gone which made travelling a little easier although it is still damp and cold.  Oh for a log fire.  One day I am determined I will have one, one day - hopefully sooner rather than later.  I have the things like the coal scuttle, the companion set, horse brasses etc etc so I have all the accoutrements to show it off - just need the actual fire!

Will have to get a wriggle on - am not in tomorrow night am off out and about again and hospital again on Thursday dinner, up town on Friday dinner and then on holiday for a week but a working one. 

Front garden needs tidying up now OH has attacked the Cotoneaster Bush/Tree we seem to have a much bigger garden where weeds have sprouted so I will get stuck in and get that sorted so it looks neat and tidy.

House needs tidying and bottoming out kitchen is done now have to complete the following:

  • Bottom out the pantry and re-arrange and restock the same
  • Bottom out the Dining room, the Jam Store and sort out the Freezers.
  • Finish off the Bedroom.
  • Bottom out the Computer Room
  • Back Bedroom.
  • Carpets to be washed
  • Front Room to be bottomed out
  • Brass and Copper to be cleaned and polished
  • Bathroom to be swabbed out.
  • Ironing heap to disappear
I really intend to get stuck in and get as much done as I possibly can in this coming week in order that I get time to cook and play properly on the second week that I am off i,e, with the decorating and crafts too.

I also need to retrieve some of my items from storage too notably my square pine coffee table to put in the front room and stand my Christmas tree on but that won't happen until everything is tickety boo.

Well upwards and onwards

Catch up soon




  1. Hi Trishia, You got the kitchen done then :o) I've managed to sort out all my rooms except the laundry (read dumping ground!) and I just have to hoover the lounge carpet in the morning, (I didn't start polishing until OH went to bed) it needs a wash too but it'll wait 'till next week now.
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about rushing in the morning, I need an hour to come too properly.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on the Indian Tree. You're quite right, I think we have many things in common :o)
    Your holiday will soon be here, hope the week goes well - especially hospital appointments.
    Rose H
    (Wish you could come 'shopping' with me)

  2. Hi Pattypan,

    How do you do it?

    That's an amazing amount of chores!

    Keep believing you'll get that log fire & it will come.

    Hope you go on ok at the hospital.

    Kay & Sime xx

  3. Thank you peeps

    Hospital is going well - the physio class I am enjoying it is based on a pilates back class. The core muscles are starting to build up and my posture is a lot better than it was and the pain isn't constant and dragging me down like it was before. I am back to see the Consultant in January will see what he thinks. I have a little pussy cat cuddled up next to me, chin on the edge of the keyboard with a paw up around the side hugging the computer - she will not shift and is cuddling up whilst I am actually sat down.

    I believe that one day everything will come right and I just have to enjoy the journey in the meantime.

    I had reading recently with a medium I did not know and had not come across before. She has told me that after May next year I will move into the property of my dreams. The house name will have tree in it or be associated with a tree i.e. cherry tree cottage and it will be an old barn/cottage with an orchard - she indicated that I don't suit new properties - which is very true. Will have to wait and see. This particulat medium gave a reading to one of my ex-work colleagues and told her that she would be moving down to London with a change of job and that she would be moving into a property with her boyfriend. Even though at the time of the reading nothing was in sight within a three month period she had left, got a new job in London and moved in with her boyfriend. She went for a follow up reading and was told that within a year she would be married and have a baby. So will have to wait and see what happens.

    Catch you all soon




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