Friday, 9 December 2011

Just a Quickie

Sorry I haven't been around a lot this week things have been a tad hectic with me being out most evenings this week so far.  I have been out this evening also and am out to the works Departmental Christmas dinner tomorrow evening at a local hostelry with the ladies I work with so I think it will be sometime Saturday before I am able to post.  I am on holiday for the week from tomorrow night in any event but I have serious amounts of things to do.

I have had my physio class today and I only have one more session to go to before I am referred back to the Physiotherapist for a review in January.  It has really helped me lots with Pilates based exercises which are strengthening my core muscles.  I am also back to see the Consultant in the Rheumatology Clinic for a review in January. But so far so good - you have to be positive and I am very grateful for the assistance I have been given so far.

I also have a couple of invites for next week  on the Tuesday- a Yule Celebration/party at the home of one of the members of our Group.  Am quite looking forward to that.  All I know is that there will be a bonfire and we can dress up if we want to!  Later on in the week I have been invited to attend as a guest at a friend's circle and on the Friday next week we have the Psychic & Spiratual Fellowship's Christmas party.  I also have a lot of other things to do at home as per usual including some craft work and sewing.  I am going to be busy, busy, busy.  Well it keeps me out of trouble - or gets me into it one of the two.  Just the depth that varies.

I also think I am going to have my knitting needles out  to knit a little something as a very good friend is about to have her first baby and from seeing her yesterday I don't think she is going to be very long.  Its lovely to welcome a new little one into the fold as they bring so much joy and laughter.

Have had a very nice if late tea tonight, steak pie, mushy peas, broccoli, carrots, onion gravy and mashed potatoes.  OH who has had a bit of a downer today soon cheered up after I had fed him and has cheered up quite substantially.

Would also like to warmly welcome some more new followers.  Get yourself comfy, with that mug of tea or coffee sit down and have a good mosey around.  Look forward to your comments - I love to receive feedback as it makes my mere ramblings seem worthwhile.

Well am off to Bedfordshire with my hotty bottie all filled up and ready to tuck under the covers.

Nighty night everyone and catch you all soon.




  1. Have a lovely time tonight & enjoy your parties next week!

    Glad to hear you're physio classes have done some good.

    Don't forget to put your feet up at some point!

    Kay & Sime xx


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