Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Kitchen

The kitchen  really needs a bit of a tidy up especially in view of he fact that we are having family over during the Christmas period.  It really needs painting out again.  Will probably have to happen after  Christmas now as otherwise I could be setting myself up to fail.   I haven't had a lot of money to play with just to tidy up things, but I have bought a pair of curtains from the Charity shop to cover the window and to keep out any draughts.  I have some curtain track that I want OH to put up, for him to lower the  existing blind so that we can keep the kitchen warm. I have also made a sink skirt out of some gingham I had to tidy up the fact that the sink unit  doors do not match the pine units we had put in a few years ago.  At the end of the day  Its about making the best of what I  already have with an odd few affordable second hand or new items just to tidy things up and make it look clean.  I hae already washed all the waills and skirting down.  I also want OH to put up a curtain track over the door so that I can put a thick door curtain that I have up to keep out any draughts and that should tidy things up for now.  The bathroom had a make over and was painted out white a few months ago.  The plaster in this house is not terribly good at the best of times.  I also intend to make a door cushion to keep out draughts too.  It would seem that I am going to have a hot date with the sewing machine which I am really looking forward too.

And then there is the brass I have to clean.  Iam nearly out of brass cleaner so if any of you have any alternative recipes I wouild be very happy to receive them.

Have to get on as although the lounge is getting tidy the carpet is to be cleaned later on when we have no traffic through it.  Once the lounge is finished its up the stairs and into my bedroom to finish tidying up there.I also intend to get in the kitchen at some point.

Catch up later




  1. Wow - still busy then?!

    Can't help with brass cleaning alternatives - just dust them...

    Don't work too hard & have a good week!

    Kay :)

  2. I have received the following rseponse from Rose of Secondhand Rose and thought I would share.

    "There's a couple of methods I use, either place a sheet of foil or a foil baking tray into a bowl or the sink and sprinkle about a handful of washing soda crystals into it. Then pour on very hot/boiling water, immerse the things you want to clean into the water, it will start to fizz and smell a bit weird, any stubborn dirt will lift off with a quick brush - I use an old toothbrush. Once clean rinse off in clear water and dry immediately. Be careful of this method though if you suspect the brass is made in India though (all modern stuff), as it can make it darker.

    If it's quite badly tarnished use lemon dipped in salt and give it a good scrub with the lemon, again rinse well and dry immediately.

    If you're really desperate and don't have washing soda or lemon handy, believe it or not tomato sauce will clean it too! Don't be tempted to leave it on though, I use a dry duster and give it a good old rub, rinse off and dry immediately".

    Rose (from Secondhand Rose)

  3. It seems you have a terribly busy do you manage it all? Please take some time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful Christmas season. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to each update. Happy Holidays!!


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