Thursday, 1 December 2011

Operation Tidy Up

Operation tidy up is on couse - I have nearly recovered the dining room and am looking forward to eating my Christmas lunch in there this year. I have a wooden German Nativity Candle centrepiece that I want as the centrepiece on there.  The jam store has been sorted out and  all the Christmas goodies so far stashed (trhis is where I keep them out of the way).  I have been doing  a lot of sorting out as I have been going along as well getting rid of tat or those bits I no longer need.  My friend has been a beneficiary of some saucepans I no longer had a need for. I also have a couple of jobs for OH to put up a curtain track in the dining room (it has just had a blind) think it will make it warmer and also a curtain track above the back door so that I can hang a very heavy curtain I have,.

Yesterday I managed to pickle a load of beetroot and I have quite a bit of stuff to do later on - I have some figs in vanilla syrup to do..  Friday I am giving my friend another cooking lesson, this time home made soups, Quiche, quick walnut toffees, some more pickled eggs (she has eaten the last lot).

I have the physio at lunch today and then back for some tidying up for a couple of hours.  I am then out to meet a friend who celebrates her 50th birthday tomorrow so we are going out for a meal and a good chat.  Tomorrow we are taking my mum to Downtown at Grantham, to return some curtains and we are also going for a good wander round Stamford - its market day and when I was at college there the market always used to be a good one.  They also have a farmers market there.  We have been told about a chees shop that sells stinking bishop cheese so we are going to investigate.  Will probably go back on the Friday prior to Christmas week as well.  I love the hustle and bustle aat this time of year especially in a smaller town.  So later today and tomorrow I am definitely playing.  It is then back to the grind for the rest of the weekend before going back to work for a week and then I really get to play.

Catch up soon



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