Friday, 30 December 2011

Richard Corrigan on Hunger

I have just watched this programme on TV on an investigation into food poverty in this country. It has been quite revealing as it is far more widespread than we think  even with people who hold full time jobs but who are on a low wage and it is very much a case of there but for the grace of god go I.  In other words that could be me or you - just the wrong turn of the dice and the card tower comes tumbling down.  Food prices are also going up and this is all part and parcel of the waste cycle or the supermarkets insisting on a specific sized shaped apple s, parsnips etc.  Come on get real, different foods are meant to be different in size etc not meant to conform.  Food is meant to be eaten not sat on the dresser and admired! What struck me most is that the supermarkets and the public in general are wasting so much food. Its like Hugh's fish fight -  chucking back food into the sea because they have their quota and wasting a commodity because it doesn't fit.  The Government took their time to respond to the programme makers and then it really did not take any kind of responsibility  Why is so much being wasted why not use it to feed those on the streets the soup kitchens or families on the breadline.  Why isn't common sense coming into play here if something is being thrown away and is still good and would be of benefit - why destroy it why not use it for the greater good.  Our resources will only last so long its time to stop the rot and stop the waste happening.  During the war years you were fined if you were found to be wasting food.  Like with Hugh's Fish Fight register your complaints to the supermarkets and the government.  There is no excuse for waste of food of any kind and if the public vote with their feet perhaps something might get done.

If you get the opportunity to watch this programme then please do it is a bit of an eye opener .I saw this on Current TV this evening.

Here is the link to the internet where you should be able to access the programme:

Makes you think - could be me


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  1. Thoughtful post - thanks. Not sure I can access the programme, but will try.

    Happy New Year to you and yours - I do so enjoy your blog!

    Blessings xx


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