Saturday, 17 December 2011


I am sat for a few minutes just sitting in the silence, and resting my weary bones.  I still have lots to do and at the moment am chasing my tail so these few minutes of peace are reward enough.  I have a red candle burning and am sat in the dark, sending good wishes and absent healing to those in need during my quiet time, watching and focusing on the flickering flame of the candle.  Its at times like these that I really could do with an open fire to warm my bones and to enter dreamland via a flickering fire as I was want to do as a child.

My Squeak is keeping me company.  Demetri is not far away sprawled in the floor not far from the candle. Both cats are never far from my side as I sit and contemplate and allow my mind  the luxury to wander where it will. I love the peacefulness of candlelight and the softness and gentleness the light throws on everything creating strange dramatic shapes out of otherwise ordinary objects.  A time to let the imagination escape

All is not totally quiet  though as the wind sounds as though it is getting up a tad.  The fence is down in the garden from earlier on in the week.

After my few moments respite I will start again on the chores I still have to do. Its going to be another late morning by the looks of things, but jobs need doing as I am well behind.

I am so glad I stopped to cook earlier on fish and mushy peas and chips with home made rice pud.  Very filling and very warming as it is bitterly cold here at the moment,.  When I do eventually make it upstairs to Bedfordshire I shall go armed with my hottie bottie. I have found that keeping myself warm means that I am not  so stiff in the mornings.

Catch you all soon



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  1. ooh I love to just sit and be quiet, I love the picture of you and the cats with the candle and the fire xx Have a happy and peaceful Christmas xx


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