Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sweet making for Christmas

Part of the fun for Christmas for me is to actually get to play after all the hard cleaning work has been done.  I don't like things being untidy or messy and so I do the big clean to make sure that everything is tickety boo and then I can enjoy everything. My dream is to have the home I really want my forever home.  Somewhere I can get everything sorted and have the kitchen and pantry I dream of or if it doesn't quite fulfil the criteria make it so.  A place where everything is organised  and I can just get on with things rather than the organised chaos of my current home but until that day comes we have to deal with what we have and live in the present and make the best of what we have.  After all what has happened in our past shapes us as a person, we have to live in the present but that helps shape our future as without these experiences we do not become what we need to be.

On and off for the past 10 years or so I have always made some kind of home made sweets.  Sweet making can be daunting if you have never done it before but is a matter of playing until you get things right.  Somewhere to play quietly and concentrate and be on your own.  I have a sugar thermometer which makes things easier, but we can all make sweets of one kind or another with the most basic of equipment and they make a nice little gift to give to a friend especially when pennies are tight.

Also Christmas is about children - we should let them do simple things like making peppermint creams or rum balls - letting them help increases their confidence but also makes them feel part of the bigger picture.  They too are helping in their own small way.  You can create your own customs and good times with the littlies, the bigger littlies, the biggies and the bigger biggies and even the child within.  ITS GOOD TO PLAY JUST GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION down tools if necessary to incorporate these simple pleasures or you end up missing out and there just is no place for regrets after the event.  The housework can wait the littlies time is precious time that can never be replaced.

Home made sweets also produce more in quantity and if you maike a couple of different types of sweets you can mix them up a bit in a gift box or bag.  Little presents like this also teach your child to share and give.

Lets start with peppermint creams - very simple and easy to make - ideal for the littlies as there is no cooking involved and even better for the big littlies as they are quick and simple to make.  It's just the drying time you have to take into account.  Remember when you are under pressure it is nice to have several quick things to do as they all help pad out the bits and bobs you do have for a relatively small investment of time.   Sometimes its nice to take pleasure in simple things, which often get overlooked.

Going to join me make peppermint creams - the recipe will follow in a separate post.





  1. I always used to make peppermint creams, rum truffles and fudge for Christmas - the fudge is the only one I still make - this year's batch is very good:)

  2. Looking forward to your peppermint creams recipe- hoping to post some sweet recipes next Thursday on my Christmas Top Tips Post.

    Advent Blessings x


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