Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Trouble with tidying the Pantry that in order to sort it all out you have to unpack it first in order to re-pack everything tidily and so that you can find what you are actually looking for.  My current pantry is nothing more than a walk in cupboard - more a dry goods pantry than a nice cold old fashioned pantry like my Nan had and here's me wanting a much larger pantry than I already have!  I would like a nice older larger style pantry as there are still a few more areas of preserving (including meat preservation) that I want to try out and I am mindful of right temperatures being maintained etc. for the safe preservation of the same.  I am particularly interested in having a go at copa, salamis and ham and bacon preservation.  But you have to work with what you have in the near and now and hopefully in the not too distant future I will be able to start experimenting.

Well the Fridge Pantry has been completely emptied; I switched it off and have completey cleaned it and have started to add a few more items back in there. Not many things as the fridge still has to be dragged out for me to wash the walls and the floor and the shelving etc.  So still a way off but we are getting there very slowly but it will be a good job done when I get to the end of it not least because I will be able to find what I am looking for.

Because of the pantry tidying I have done a very quick tea this evening - which is one of my mum's thrifty specials and ideal for a Saturday evening tea in the winter although saying that we do eat it throughout the year.  The best part about this is that is a one pan meal.  Quite simply it is about 1lb of nice sausages  - must have plenty of flavour (we are partial to lincolnshire sausages with plenty of flavouring); these are fried/grilled until golden brown and then once evenly coloured tip a tin of plum tomatoes in with the sausages, add plenty of white pepper and cook through until warmed all the way through.  You can serve this on toast or accompanied by a couple of slices of bread and butter with which to mop up the juices. Very tasty, and warming.

I have also had to have a couple of glasses of home made cassis  that was really warming and full of flavour - and an orange.   A bit of a vitamin C hit.  I have a sore throat coming on and my nose keeps running so I am trying to head this off at the pass.  I suspect I will have to make a scuttle full of French Onion Soup tomorrow and I may well have a hot toddy before going up to bed, which is sometime off yet due to the state of play in the Pantry.

I did not go to the Veg shop today, will stock up next week  as I will be able to play more - I am back at work this week coming and at the end of the week I am then off for another week when hopefully I will get all the Christmas decorations sorted, and some home made sweets and last minute sorting out in readiness for the Christmas celebrations.

Well I am off to finish off the Pantry

Catch you all later




  1. Sounds as though you are doing well with your sorting out. I've had a major clean all through the house during the last week, brass, copper and silver cleaned, glass lightshades washed, paintwork washed down as well as the usual windows, polishing and vacuuming. It was hard work but looks really good now and all ready for the tree and decorations to go up next weekend. Hope you've managed to finish your pantry.

  2. You are a busy soul! Your scuttle full of soup made me laugh :o)
    I too have to tackle the pantry (read dumping ground) as the electricity meter is in there and they always come to read it in December! So today I'm sorting out that and the conservatory as I have to overwinter my bay trees in there.
    Have a great day, and don't get lost in the depths - I'm goint to try not to ;o)
    Rose H


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