Sunday, 15 January 2012

2012.01.15 My Day

Today hasn't gone how I was planning to utilise it and I have had to rest up as I woke up drained and headachey this morning and my get up and go had gone.  Well it happens periodically all I can do is rest up and do as my body tells me and get a few early nights in to give my system time to recover.  It does frustrate me - but it causes me more bother if I fight it.  Things have been very busy at work and I haven't left before 5.30pm most nights (I am supposed to leave at 5.15pm)  I haven't even cooked Sunday lunch today even though I was planning roast chicken and all the accoutrements, but it will not go to waste as we will have it for tea tomorrow night, probably in a curry.

But then every dark cloud has a silver lining. I have been tucked up in a warm room, reading through cookery books; listening to the TV, researching recipes and generally having a lazy day its a long time since I had one of them.  We have eaten today we have had traditional fry which was very filling, not that I have a very large appetite in any event.  So the marmalade will have to wait for one night during the week which will not hurt as I need to get some more sugar and some more butter.  I hope to make a start on Tuesday evening

I have also been writing down recipes as I come across them, as I often end up not being able to locate them when I actually need them and I have a lot of things to use up yet.  I still have a lot of fruit in the freezer which needs to be used up so I will have to get cracking in the next few weeks or so.

It was extremely cold here last night and it has been a cold dismal winter day here.   Its gone  really cold again tonight.  The cats are all in thank goodness and Missy is with her Dad.  Although for the past couple of evenings later on she has been disturbed and from a mild tempered Jack Russell she goes extremely punk with her hair all along her back standing well up in displeasure.  

Will hopefully catch you all later.

Take care, keep safe wherever you are



Next weekend I intend to make some onion and garlic marmalade which goes down  well with a cheese board, or cooked Caemembert.


  1. Hope you feel better soon, you're wise to listen to what your body tells you and it's certainly been an ideal day for snuggling up with a book or some craft work. I've been knitting most of the afternoon - a cardigan for my grandadughter Lucy.

  2. It's good to spend a day in bed or doing nothing much - I think you do too much & burn yourself out!

    Take care Pattypan.

    Stay warm & enjoy the marmalading!

    Kay :)


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