Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012.01.18 My Day

It is my nephew's 18th Birthday today - Happy Birthday Christopher hope you have had a lovely day! Its a big year for you young man.

I understand that he has had some friends over today for a Pizza Party but it has had to be limited to some extent as poor lad has Exams starting tomorrow (He is currently in the 6th Form studying for his A levels (in his second year).  .

This afternoon:

I have been to see the Arthritis Consultant today who is very pleased with me and is quite impressed at all my efforts at retaining some kind of improvement in my health.  So I am well chuffed that I am on the right path.  Some of you may know that I have a disc out of alignment that had in the past couple of years more or less crippled me up.  I had to have an MRSI scan to find out what was going on and they identified this last summer.  As a result of that I have had to go to see the physio and from there to a Pilates back class to build up my inner core muscles, which class has now concluded but I have to keep on with the exercises I have learned  as to how to keep the pain at bay by doing specific exercises and also to keep myself going.  I also have to go back to the Orthotics Department for some new insoles for my shoes.

One of the conditions I have Scleroderma is very rare and not often seen.  They believe mine has been triggered by the Raynaud's Syndrome and I also have Sjorgens Syndrome (where the antibodies in your system attack your own body).  At the moment the Scleroderma is behaving itself and is not getting any worse which he is very pleased about (In its worst format it can cause major organ failure particularly in the lungs but also to other organs in the body; but thankfully at the moment I only have it in its minor form which is concerning, but a great relief. On a lighter note, I have been informed that I will never need Botox (not that I have ever considered it) as my skin is tightning not wrinkling!  You have to laugh if not smile!

I have to have more bloods done in the next few days or so and if anything shows in the bloods and needs sorting they will call me back in to Clinic. The Consultant has told me that they can track a condition from the bloods and determine whether or not the condition will get any worse in the long term. However I do not have to go back to see him for a year and I will receive an appointment in the post about a month before the actual appointment. He has however made it clear that I will need to undergo the lung function test, heart testing and all the other testing I went through initially next year, bearing in mind I have not had any done this year; but that is a small price to pay for keeping my health stabilised.  I am a great avocate of self-help wherever possible, but sometimes you do need guidance and help to help you manage conditions as it means you are controlling the condition rather than it controlling you.  The frustrating thing for me was I knew I had to do something, but did not know what to do for the best.

Equally if I have any concerns with my hands i.e. if they get worse (I have Raynauds Syndrome  since I was 25)where my hands specifically go blue purple and white and I lose the circulation) then equally I am at liberty to get back in touch with them.  

I have had to have another injection in my leg this time as I have bursitis which is causing some tenderness in my left leg which is where the disc is out in the base of my back., but otherwise once I get the bloods out of the way it looks as though this New Year is going to be one without too much medical intervention (I hope) Phew its took some doing but at least I am getting there.

That is what I call a result.

Catch you all soon




  1. Glad that all went well for you, a good start to the year. Hopefully your energy levels will soon increase as well. Think everyone has less get up and go at this time of theyear.

  2. Goodness Pattypan - you seem to be going through a lot & are incredibly brave!

    I've been doing lots of research into strengthening my immune system, as I've realised that it is possible to overcome (or at least, keep at bay) autoimmune disorders with diet & the right supplements - my blood test came back normal today, so it must be working!

    I'll blog about it soon.

    Keep well & make sure you rest!

    Kay xx

  3. Hi Rowan

    Feeling better today than I have done all week, think may be starting a cold and that's why have been wishy washy. But am okay.


    I am not brave just cussed. If I gave up fighting there would be a problem. Its just that I don't believe that just taking medication is the only answer its about treating the whole problem (and sometimes we don't know where that stems from). One thing I have found that helps though is one of these probiotic yogurts in the morning. Helps with having to take long term medication but also helps your natural systems work - they are not too sure why but it does. I also Reiki myself as well.

    I am very lucky compared to many and I am grateful for that.

    Take care




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