Sunday, 22 January 2012

2012.01.22 My Day Thus Far

Its been a busy old day -  the sun has been out for the best part but the wind has been rough and a little chilly again.  I was up early for me on a Sunday before 9.00 a.m. and I finished cleaning the kitchen out and started making my marmalade.  I have prepped two lots of Seville Oranges 4kg in all, all by hand and have enjoyed the peaceful pottering and being free to run with my own thoughts whilst I was processing my oranges.  One batch of the Seville Orange Marmalade is completely done.  I have 10 x 1lb jars for my efforts and it tastes wonderful.  I am well chuffed with this.  I have taken some photographs and wouldn't you know it the battery died half way through and we couldnt find the battery charger so I have kidnapped OH's to complete the process and will post the photographs to the Seville Orange Marmalade recipe I posted earlier on.  The second batch of marmalade will have to be cooked later on.  I have my roast pork on the go - yes it will be a late tea but I am hungry tonight perhaps its all the work I have been doing given me an appetite.  The roast is going to be accompanied by roast potato, roast sweet potato roast parsnip, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage, peas and carrots with mashed potato.  No stuffing today think we will have more than enough to eat.  Pudding if he wants it is the rest of the treacle sponge from last night with more custard.

What was left of the stew last night was supposed to have been for OH tomorrow whilst I was at work but I think he has been dipping his bread in it and I am not sure if there is any left for tomorrow.

Right I am off to finish cooking my roast.

Will try and pop by later on



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  1. Look forward to seeing the photos!

    Have a good week Pattypan.

    Kay :)


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