Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Dining Room

As you all know Just before Christmas I was working on the dining room in an effort to reclaim the room which we subsequently did and we managed to have our Christmas Dinner and Boxing Day Dinners in there.  However I do have some work to do still in there, quite a bit>  I need OH to put up a curtain track in the window so that I can put curtains up  to help keep the room warm and to stop the neighbours peering in.  I have some curtains that my mum made and then passed on to me which were the ideal colour match for the room they are a copper coloured stripe. My room is a bright orangey yellow but the wallpaper does have this rusty colour in it.   I unpicked the hem, on the curtains, but they are still not long enough for the window and I am scratching my head as to whether to add some more to the bottom  - I have another set of shorter curtains in this fabric or whether I should go for a total contrast.

Generally speaking, in the past when I have a few pennies to spare and see something either new or second hand then I often buy them and put them up; I often have themes or ideas in mind when I do so and then when I am ready to do something I have already acquired what I need or have revamped something specifically to fit in with what I need.  I just want the house to be nice and warm.  We had  to completely re-position some of the items in the room in any event as I have a large chest freezer that was originally under the window and since a new radiator was put in earlier on in the year when the new gas boiler was installed it no longer fits where it used to.  Ideally I would like a separate shed in the garden in which to place both freezers so that I have more room in the dining room to move about. (I have an eight seater pine farmhouse table, with 6 chairs and two carvers, two 6ft Welsh Dressers, a Corner Welsh Dresser a pine dresser top, a chest of drawers which holds my  extensive CD collection, and the two large freezers) so it is a bit of  a tight squeeze,

.If any of you have any ideas as to what I can do with the curtains I would love to hear from you as it may well be that you may come up with something that I haven't thought of.  Would love to hear from you.




  1. I had a pair of long thin IKEA Sale curtains, which now are short and wide, and fit our bedroom beautifully [with new rufflette on the 'other' edges] Is there any way you can combine the curtains you have to make a pair which fit - sometimes a seam across the middle is a less obvious alteration than a strip along the bottom. Or get a strip of toning plain fabric and do the bottom AND strips down the centre join. Or maybe a band of plain fabric like a 'frieze' a few inches up from the bottom. Like you I cannot bear waste.
    Its hard to make really helpful suggestions without a picture of the fabric! But I so admirte your determination to re-use rather than discard!!!

    new year blessings xx

  2. I was wondering if you could make a roman blind from the curtains or is it a huge window?

    Or perhaps add some more fabric to the top (this would mean removing the header tape) and then placing another piece of fabric to come just below the join line like a faux frill type of thing?

    It sounds rather a large room, I'd struggle to fit all that in our house lol!

  3. If you have another pair of curtinas of the same febric, take off the curtain taoe from the second pair and press well with a damp cloth to get the seam marks out, then join enough onto the bottom of the first pair to make them long enough and to add a decent hem. have a look round for some decorative braid and sew it about 3 inches in down the side of the curtain, across the join and then up the other side, again 3 inches from the edge. Use the rest of the fabric to make cushion covers.....

  4. Your dining room must be quite large. I wish I had a seperate dining room, I only have a dining area off my kitchen.
    I would suggest, cutting the set of shorter curtains into horizontal strips in a width that would lengthen your copper stripe curtain,(you may have to stitch some together to obtain the width you might need)
    Cut a section off the bottom of the copper striped curtains, sew on the horizontal striped fabric and then sew the cut off portion back on.
    The result will look a bit more of an intended pattern instead of an add on.
    Obviously this will only work if you have enough fabric.
    Hope this helps, good luck.


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