Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fun and Games

Sorry haven't been around much this week I have been in and out quite a bit and I am now very tired.Why is it that whenever anything is scheduled to be done work wise - something always goes wrong.

The Landlords Plumber/Gas Fitter was due to come and do the yearly check on the gas appliances in the property. We got everything ready for him and he duly came and did his bit.  He tested the pressure on the gas mains and it was extremely low.  He subsequently reported it to the Gas Board who came and checked the supply. They have indicated that it is something to do with the pipework in the property and so tomorrow morning instead of having my usual Saturday lie in - I am going to have to be up and ready for him to come and do the necessary repairs.  This evening the gas supply has been cut off - I am not allowed to cook anything and we have no heating.  It has been blooming freezing.  Deep sigh.

I just hope everything is resolved tomorrow

Have just had a bit of a late supper hot crumpets with a mug of nice steaming tea. .

I am off to snuggle with my hot water bottle

Catch you soon

Frozen of Peterborough
aka Pattypan



  1. What a shame that your weekend has been messed up. Hope all is sorted soon.

  2. Oh Tricia! :( Isn't that always the way!

    Hope that you've kept warm & that the repairs are finished quickly today.

  3. Oh blimey, what a *ugge*!
    Hope they came on time and a simple quick solution was found, not the time of year to be without heat is it?
    Keep warm and stress free.
    Rose H


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