Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good morning

Good morning from wet and windy Peterborough.  The sun is out the wind is blowing (not a hooley at the moment but it is rough) there is blue sky up there and Demetri doesn't like it.  He had asked to go out earlier on  (all my cats have been very vocal his call sounds very prehistoric) so I obliged and when I popped my head out to see where Squeak was as well the pair of them came charging in.  Demetri had been parked under the patio table his normal des res during the day if he doesn't want to come in and hasn't been elsewhere.  I don't think that they are particularly keen on the wind.  Demetri is now nearly asleep on his favourite cushion and Squeak is parked on the top of the settee looking out the window.  Well the radiator is there so she is keeping warm.  That cat is not foolish.   She sleeps with me on the bed and always manages to park heself where my hot water bottle is. She has also managed to nearly scoff all Missy's breakfast as well despite already having had her own!  Worse than children sometimes, but generally speaking they all muddle along well.  Even Missy and Demetri seem to be coming to some sort of understanding.

Plans for the day/weekend.  Well I have a lot of marmalade to make so I will be starting that at some point.  I have some Clementine and a couple of batches of Seville Oranges to do as well as some lemon.  So if I am up to it I am going to get stuck in and squirrel away a lot of preserves.  I should have enough sugar in the pantry to get this done. But I also have my sights set in the next few weeks or more of making some  Ginger Marmalade  (this has Seville Oranges in so will have to make this soon) and Grapefruit marmalade and some Dried Apricot Marmalade  and a Mixed Jelly Marmalade.  I am going to pace myself and the funds to do this, so I get what I need in my store.  I always have breakfast in the morning and in the winter months it is nice to have home made porridge  or muesli followed by a couple of  slices of hot buttery toast with marmalade on.  I also use marmalade extensively in Bread and Butter pudding, baking as a base for a sauce and in stir fries etc.  So I do get a lot of mileage out of what I put up and put away in the Put Down and the more I use the more I need to put down.  Its a vicious circle.

Right upwards and onwards let the battle commence.  Will report back later on.  Have a good day



We are having a stew for tea tonight so I have that to make as well


  1. Good morning Pattypan,

    It's cold & windy here, so we're not venturing out today!

    Enjoy your marmalade making & have a lovely weekend.

    K&S xx

  2. I think your house will smell like heaven , marmalade and stew cooking yummo!


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