Monday, 16 January 2012


Sorry its so late but I have been out and about  this evening and its perishing.  It was -3 when OH took me to work today and and hasn't got much above 3 degrees today and its freezing like a good un at the moment.  Will be a bit nasty in the morning if it carries on like this as it will be very slippy.

OH cooked me a nice chicken curry for tea so I didn't have to fret about finding something to eat. I then disappeared out for the early part of the evening.

Since getting back Demetri has disappeared again - what a night to disappear!. Daft blooming cat just when I wanted an early night!

I am still not firing on all cylinders decidely wonky again energy levels still not good but I have my check up with the Arthritis Consultant on Wednesday afternoon for my yearly review. My Raynauds has been playing up as well and I feel at a decidedly low ebb.  I am afraid I hate it when I am low or incapacitated  I don't like to whinge too much as it gets other people down and I don't mean to.  I just get very frustrated as I have too much to do, too many places still to go. I don't make a good patient at the best of times.  Too blooming minded!  Rant over.

By the way did any of you see the new programme on BBC The Midwife - thought it was very good.  Will tune in again next week - if you didn't see it try and watch it on Catch up or on BBC Catch up; very realistic and well played.

Whilst I have been typing this evening I have had company; Squeak has been cuddled close (I am not sure whether its because she wanted to be with me or the fact that she could nick some of thise little cheesy nibble biskets out of the bag at the side of me.  I suspect the latter.  Butter wouldn't melt and all that.

I am hoping to get some more  marmalade done tomorrow night - well that's the intention in any event.  Will post the recipe separately in case you would like to have a go at making some yourself.  Eve my friend has decided she wants to have a go at making some on Friday evening - she has never made jam or marmalade before should be interesting.

Right I am off to Bedfordshire.

Nighty Night and make sure the bed bugs don't bite

Catch you all soon

Take care


Post script: Demetri has arrived home squawking his head off at the back gate and sounding some prehistoric monster.  He does have a peculiar call compared to the other cats I have had very deep and growly.   He is currently tucking into the remnants of a chicken and some biscuits. Hopefully he will now settle in the warmth for the rest of whats left of the evening/early morning.  

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  1. keep warm and you will feel better I am sure xx DID see the midwife If you get the chance read the books .. although they do seem to be sticking to them pretty moch xx


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