Saturday, 14 January 2012

Home Made Stir Fry

We use the method of stir frying to make use of all those bits and bobs that
end up lurking in the fridge.  After all this is the basis for Chinese food making the most
of what is available to them, although it does not strictly follow any Chinese recipes
We started by experimenting with flavours we knew worked and then just
played with whatever we had to hand

Getting the Pork started

We start off with blisteringly hot pan in which a small drop of cooking oil and then some sesame oil have been added
When the pan is really hot  the seasoned meat together with any flavourings spicing five spice ginger syrup etc have been added and cook through until thoroughly cooked and then add a little cornflour to thicken up and create a basting sauce

Once cooked tip off any excess oil and put the cooked meat into a bowl
Rinse out the wok with some water and swill it out 
losing the water - you don't need this to cook with
Put wok back on hob and get searingly hot again
Once the pan is really hot again start adding the vegetables this time using those that take the longest to cook first like carrotts and onions 

 I then added in brussel sprouts peeled and quartered and got them heated through also

Then added the bought stir fry pack
 And got it all mixed in together

 Then added the Mangetout peas

 Keep the vegetables moving around the pan you want them cooked and crisp

Then we added in a sweet and sour sauce

 And stir it all around again

I had some partially cooked noodles in the pantry and added in one packet of these as there is quite a lot with out adding noodles but we always serve with noodles or rice

Add the meat and stir things all around again

 This is what we had for our tea tonight - home made stir fry

Are we not the lucky ones

And it tasted really good too



  1. mouth not just watering...running like a tap!!! Got a tissue?

  2. Will kitchen roll do. Must say it was very yummy. sometimes we do egg fu yung or chinese style fried rice with it too and add tinned bean sprouts, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and even crystallised ginger and pineapple. It makes a scuttle full. Perhaps its one for you to pay with soon

    Take care



  3. Snap - we make it the same way at our place. Yours looks delish!


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