Thursday, 12 January 2012

January is the Month to....

Take advantage of the Citrus fruits i.e. lemons, grapefruits, oranges, clementines tangerines whatever you come across.  I made the lime jelly marmalade the other evening, but I have plans to make lots more goodies with these fruits.  Primarily marmalades but also curds, jams and jellies and there are also a couple of chutney recipes I am keen to have a go at.  You can also juice the fruit and then freeze and bring out to mix with alcohol like clementine juice with champagne makes a lovely Bucks fizz.  Or home made Lemoncello.  Sorbets and Ice cream.  Or how about home made lemon syrup to use as a drink or dribbled over ice cream.

I am chiefly interested in Seville Oranges - but unfortunately my Veg shop does not have them in yet, although they are on the cards as quite a few people have enquired when they are having them.  I love the flavour of this wonderful marmalade and slathered over home made bread or toasted for brekkie after a bowl of porridge is seriously good grub.  Well its the sort of grub I grew up on and still to this day have on a regular basis. But there are lots of things you can do and lots of recipes out there.   I will be posting more recipes of things I am going to have a go at in the course of the next few weeks.  Are you starting your "Put Down" early this year too.

My next recipe that I intend to try will be a home made lemon syrup which is very refreshing.  I have made this before although not the recipe I am going to use which is here if you want to have a go at it.

Enjoy the playing




  1. Jamie Oliver in his tv shows (that I love to watch) often mentions Clementines and often uses them in his cooking. You never see them over here in the shops. Not once have I spotted them.

  2. Will be making our marmalade tomorrow...

    You should write a book with all your recipes & housekeeping ideas - keep them coming!

    Thank you Pattypan.

    Kay :)


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