Saturday, 28 January 2012

Phew we have heat

Well what a song and dance.  They knew there was a leak and could not locate it.  The plumber has just gone.   It has been a little bit of a devil, but all is sorted and we now have the heating on Arrgh. Phew is more like it he has had all sorts of pipe work apart in the process.  However it would stem from a problem at the gas meter.  A couple of years ago it was replaced and one of the British Gas engineers replaced the meter.  However it would appear that instead of changing and replacing the joint that was in there he has bodged it and it has only just come to light because that is where it was leaking.  The poor old plumber (he is 72) has had a heck of a game with it.  But we now have the heating on and OH is cooking some egg, sausage and bacon, to be swiftly followed by a mug of tea.  The best part is we have not smelt any gas in the house at all and this has only cropped up during a routine yearly maintenance review.  Well alls well that ends well.  I am off to get my grub.

Catch up with you all later


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  1. So glad to hear you are warm again, enjoy your fry up and cuppa.


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