Monday, 23 January 2012

Tis a Flying Visit

Its been a very busy day again at work; I was late leaving which has subsequently put me out of my stride for the rest of the evening.  Never mind I sort of got there in the end!

OH had managed to resist the left overs from yesterday night's tea  (although he had polished off the remnants of the stew) so we had a quick filling meal which was ready in minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the second time around, just as much as the first time.  So I have made the most of what we have had and not wasted anything to boot.  I am off to have a rootle in a few minutes in the freezer to see what I can liberate.  There is all sorts in there, and I have plans with which to put quite a few more items in there as well.  I shall invest in three chickens at least when I get paid and pop them into the freezer (I buy them fresh and then pop them into the depths of the chest freezer).  They are so useful as I can bung one on the rotisserie, deep fry a chicken cut into portions use for curry, make chicken stew , make a stri fry and quite a few other meals to boot; although sometimes we do get a bit fed up of chicken.  I have a rather nice rib of beef in the freezer as well which I am trying to keep in there probably until my mum comes to dinner.  But I also have my eye on some more minced beef, (Chilli, Cottage Pie, lasagne, ragu, stewing steak (beef pie), beef skirt (home made Cornish style pasties),  pigs liver (liver and onion casserole), sausages (for toad in the hole) chipolatas for breakfasts and also for Saturday night tea with tomatoes, chicken pieces so as to make some chicken pies and also for stir fries.  Will have to see how the pennies pan out.  I could also do with some more fish.  I also need to make some more soup.  I would like to get hold of a few pigs bellies and make my own stuffing and roll into joints for Sunday lunch. It is a particular favourite in this household.

I went out to a friends in the early part of the evening and did not get back until gone 9.00 p.m.  Since then I have been updating the Marmalade recipe post that I did the other day with annotations and some photographs that I promised.   I made two lots of marmalade yesterday 20lb in all.  I still have the lemons to go and the Clementines and some Oranges but I will see to them later on in the week.  

I desperately want to do some craft work at the present, but  I just don't seem to be able to settle.  Its as though something is in the wind - change I can sense and feel it yet tantalisingly it has not manifested yet and as a result I am somewhat distracted away from my main focus of wanting to do and get completed quite a lot of projects already commenced.  I will get there one day!

Its gone really cold here again in Peterborough.  It will not be long before I go up, just have to wash my hair it is driving me nuts at the minute.   I wear it long at present and am debating with myself whether to have it chopped off or not.  Trouble is I have done that before and then regretted it.  Jury is out at present.  I will never hang myself.

Looks like it is going to be a busy week on all fronts.

Catch up with you all soon.

Take care



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