Sunday, 12 February 2012

2012.02.12 My Day

In all consciousness I have not been able to settle to anything today bearing in mind my appointment at the local Spiratualist Church at Harris Street in Peterborough.  I tried to keep myself occupied and made my first light wholemeal loaf today which finished about 15 minutes before I went out this afternoon and I was busy trying to extricate the pan from the bread machine before I left.

In the meantime I was nervous, and very anxious and I had a dicky tummy as a result; call it butterflies, stage fright I was certainly wound up and needed to ground myself and calm me down.  I grabbed some Tchai Green spiced tea from the cupboard and had a couple of mugs full which helped settle down my tummy. I also put my Oms CD on and listened to that; I find that very calming as it reverberates through my system like a highly strung tuning fork.  .

My friends, my support team came to collect me at 2.40p.m.   I was introduced to madam chair and I explained that it was my first time up speaking and giving readings in a church.  I had already gone prepared with an idea of what I wanted to speak about, but just needed confirmation as to the format of a divine service never having been to one or dealt with one before.  There was an opening where I was introduced by madam chair to the congregation; there was then the first hymn, an address by myself where I spoke about the inner voice a reading another hymn then a prayer another hymn and then an hours mediumship, closing hymn and then closing prayer.  Then everyone applauded; very unusual as it turns out as normally on a Sunday divine service there is no clapping; but they wanted me to have feedback and encouragement that I had done well for my first time out and I am to be invited back it would seem.  Lovely people and I enjoyed my first time out, despite the nerves.  I have also been given a little memento of the occasion by my Teacher, mentor and dear friend a little book of sayings of White Eagle entitled "The Quiet Mind" which I intend to read over the next few days.  Thank you dear friends for being so supportive.  

When I got in I went over to see Mr Tiddles, feed him and settle him down; his mum is coming home this evening after a weekend in London.
In the end I did not cook the roast pork as it was 5.00 p.m. when I got in; OH said he wasn't really hungry (we had had a good fry up with the white home made bread I made yesterday - it has come out well and I am pleased with it.

For tea though OH had cheese on toast and I had cheese sandwich made from the first light wholemeal loaf I made earlier today;  I prefer brown bread anyway but this was really tasty even though the loaf was quite as big as the white bread it has gone down a treat. The cheese sarnie was perked up together with some of my home made apricot chutney which is absolutely delicious; I can see that chutney being used very quickly.

I must go OH is chuntering about the animals of the household, Missy the Jack Russell is in bed for a change and fast asleep on top of the stairs, is Squeak.  Normally this is Missy;'sperching point and OH has had to limbo down the stairs as Squeak has been well and truly sprawled; when he has gone into the bathroom to wash his hands; he couldnt as Demetri was sprawled in the sink fast asleep!  Its about par for the course in this household!

I am very tired and I hope to get a good nights sleep as I have a busy week ahead.

Its been a very good day
Hope it has been for you too

Take care 




  1. Hi Pattypan,

    Sounds like you've had an exciting day - Well done!

    Hope you sleep well!

    Have a good week.

    K&S xx

  2. I'm so glad that all went well for you yesterday, the first time is always the worst and you obviously did very well.

  3. so glad all went next time will be so much easier x

  4. Despite all your nervous energy all went well! Congratulations :o)

  5. Pattypan: I have given you a Liebster award, you can go to my blog and collect it.



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